The great Indian festive season cheat sheet 2022


Thank you for downloading the Great Indian Festive Cheat Sheet 2022!

The festive season is a time for rest, peaceful reflection, precious family time, and giving meaningful gifts to our loved ones. 

This festive season will be no different. So we’ve created this handy cheat sheet for you, packed with critical insights from the festive season of 2021 as well as a few hot 2022 Android trends. 

With a focus on shopping, finance, entertainment, and food & drinks verticals, we hope this cheat sheet can be your quick and trusted reference for this festive season.

Get your Great Indian Festive Season Cheat Sheet — a must-read for every app marketer with quick insights into unlocking the true potential of your marketing activities.

What’s inside:

  • Top trends from the 2021 festive season and what they mean for marketers now
  • Critical trends from 2022 and how marketers can leverage these opportunities
  • Key takeaways from industry leaders

We hope you will find it insightful. Happy Festivities!

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