The Indian festive season 2021 report


Diwali represents the largest and most popular Hindu festival celebrated the world over and a major shopping season in India—comparable with Christmas or the Lunar New Year in other parts of the world in terms of economic and commercial activity. 

And the future looks increasingly bright for the Festival of Lights. 

Last year, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to an increasing number of Indian shoppers turning towards mobile as the first choice for consumers of online purchases during the Festival of Lights.

In light of the current countrywide restrictions under the Disaster Management Act and the government’s encouragement of citizens to avoid large celebratory gatherings for the holidays, we expect this trend to continue into 2021. 

We saw a surge in online shopping last year driven primarily by temporary store closures, higher smartphone penetration, and better access to digital payments. According to eMarketer estimates, eCommerce retail sales in India brought in $51.52 billion in 2020. And this number is expected to only grow in 2021 and beyond.

What’s inside:

  1. Install and remarketing trends for the festive season 2020, and Q1 & Q2 2021
  2. Consumer spend trends for the festive season 2020, and Q1 & Q2 2021
  3. Key takeaways and best practices for app marketers while running festive campaigns

We hope you will find this report insightful for this festive season and beyond!

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