State of mobile app strategies in the Middle East


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Rising demand and usage of mobile-based interactions is reshaping how consumers engage and transact along the customer journey. In particular, the relatively ‘young’ Middle Eastern population is likely increasing pressure on businesses to refine mobile experiences that can cater to this growing demographic of digital and mobile natives.

As mobile becomes vital to success in a digital-first future, marketers will feel increasing pressure to evolve not only their digital marketing strategy, but also how they measure its effectiveness to drive business outcomes.

To better understand how Middle Eastern mobile marketing leaders are actively transforming their business with new technologies and approaches, we conducted a custom survey alongside 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. 

What’s inside

  • Key mobile trends in the UAE and Saudi Arabia
  • What’s driving mobile adoption in the Middle East 
  • The barriers mobile marketers are facing
  • Current and future methods of measuring mobile marketing ROI 
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