The mobile-first enterprise report: How Health & Fitness brands are being transformed by mobile devices


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“Customers used to have to wait for someone to call or email them. Now they’re using apps for booking appointments and getting lab records or imaging results.  We are seeing a lot of traction with mobile optimized content.״

Healthcare executive

Going mobile is not without its challenges, especially in an industry where regulations around health data play a major role. But, with the pandemic serving as a catalyst for a growing number of customers to become mobile-first, there is a sense of urgency for health & fitness providers to accelerate their mobile transformation.

Adjusting to mobile-first consumers may not always be easy for an industry that has traditionally been focused on offline services, but for the organizations that can successfully address privacy issues, and provide innovative mobile experiences, the future holds unprecedented potential.

In this report, AppsFlyer and Adobe teamed up to explore the unique challenges and opportunities faced by leading executives in large health & fitness organizations, and what they mean for future growth.

What’s inside:

  • The top challenges and pain points that are driving the health & fitness industry to accelerate its mobile transformation
  • The role mobile apps play in building brand loyalty and retention
  • Major offline processes and services that can be enhanced by mobile
  • Key metrics for measuring mobile-first success 
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