The AppsFlyer Performance Index: Edition 14


The first complete index of the post-ATT era shows just how disruptive Apple’s privacy changes have been on the mobile media business.

What really stands out are significant fluctuations in the H2 2021 rankings — mainly in iOS (but also in Android), mainly in gaming (but also non-gaming), and mainly among SRNs (but also non-SRNs). 

Since 2015, the AppsFlyer Performance Index has helped mobile marketers make their most important decision: which media sources to partner with.

In 2022, the ‘media shakeup’ means one thing: carefully reviewing the index is now more important than ever!

What’s inside?

  • New & improved SKAN Index covering in-app engagement, purchases, and ad signals
  • Performance rankings for consenting iOS users to benchmark against non-consenting segments
  • Separate rankings for reach, retention, remarketing, growth, and monetization
  • A deep-dive into the performance of Meta, Google, Apple Search Ads, TikTok, Snap, Unity Ads, ironSource, and 600 others
  • Unrivaled scale: 18,000 apps, 11 regions, and 40 app categories
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