Mobile attribution and marketing analytics for Finance apps


What’s inside

As demand from consumers with more mobile accessibility and expectations for top notch services on the go have grown, brands, both traditional and mobile-first, have been driven to remain relevant.

Finance apps, including a suite of activities like banking, investing, trading, and peer-to-peer transferring, have likewise become a lot more personal, experiencing distinct growth as a result.

In fact, App Annie found that users worldwide checked their bank accounts around 7 times a week in 2018, and that installs of all finance apps reached 3.4 billion, growing by 75% from 2016. In terms of the scale of money processed, the general mobile finance sector is processing an impressive $1.3 billion daily, according to the GSMA.

To make the most of your finance app’s potential, dive deep into our advanced guide that covers key finance-specific areas of mobile attribution, measurement, and marketing analytics.

What you’ll learn about:

  • Granular in-app event mapping
  • Advanced fraud protection considerations
  • Choosing your media sources
  • Deep linking for personalization and re-engagement
  • Owned media strategy
  • Vertical-specific audience segmentation

It’s truly the emerging age of mobile finance – now get ready to ride the wave to massive profitability and engagement.

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