AppsFlyer & Adobe: Power personalized mobile experiences


Mobile is the primary channel for customer acquisition, retention, and conversion. But, without the right measurement and engagement tools in place, creating connected experiences on mobile is a major challenge for brands. Fragmented user journeys, lack of segmentation, and limited mobile attribution stand in the way of creating personalized, connected mobile experiences for your customers.

That’s where AppsFlyer and Adobe come in, to provide your organization with rich marketing data and analytics that fuel cross-channel personalization, helping you reach and retain mobile-first customers.

In this eBook, we dive into how AppsFlyer and Adobe solutions come together to help you transform your mobile campaigns into tailored, engaging marketing strategies across the entire funnel. 

What’s inside?

  • How to implement a centralized marketing measurement infrastructure
  • Strategies to improve customer experiences that boost conversions 
  • Best practices to enhance customer profiles and build precise user segments without compromising on privacy
  • Three real-world examples of how leading companies are using AppsFlyer and Adobe to achieve improved mobile marketing outcomes 
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