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Does your website support AASA and Android App Links?

Test your website links in seconds.
Then see how to fix your broken links for free.

The App links Validator is meant to help you test if your website is properly configured for AASA (Apple App Site Association) and Android App Links.

How is it done?

The more extensive your website is, the more complex it becomes at keeping all of your links validated at all times. Once you put in your website domain, we’ll test it against Apple’s requirements for hosting your Apple App Site Association file along with Android’s requirements for hosting your file inside the Google Play store.

In addition to your domain, you may also enter your Apple App Prefix and Bundle Identifier to validate that the correct values are present. If your files are properly formatted, we’ll return them for you. If not, we’ll show you which tests failed or did not run due to a previous failed test.

Domain is not valid

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