Universal links & app links validator

Test your links in seconds

Our link validator checks if your site is properly set up for both Android and Apple deep links so you can ensure your users always get a seamless anywhere-to-app experience.

Broken links mean broken user journeys (and wasted ad budget!). Use our link validator to ensure you users get to where they’re supposed to go, every time.

What we’ll test for

Thankfully, there are only a small number of things that could cause your links to break. Here’s a look at what we’re checking for, and what it means.

Valid DNS

Get a complete and accurate view of all of your campaigns’ performance in a single dashboard.

200 status code

Discover how specific user segments perform over time in terms of installs, user retention, and more.

HTTPS Protocol

Improve retargeting campaign performance by identifying and excluding users that would convert organically.

Mime content type

Build your own campaign-specific dashboards for daily analysis with our simple drag-and-drop interface.

File < 128Kb

Free yourself from complicated spreadsheets and simplify your marketing analysis for clearer marketing insights.

Valid JSON

Stay up to date on your campaign performance 24/7 with alerts that can be sent to email, Slack, or the AppsFlyer app.

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