Universal links & app links validator

Test your links in seconds

Our link validator checks if your site is properly set up for both Android and Apple deep links so you can ensure your users always get a seamless anywhere-to-app experience.

Why valid links matter

Your users expect seamless user journeys. Broken links lead to lost users and wasted ad budgets. Our link validator helps you get your users where they’re supposed to go, every time.

What we test for

There are a number of things that can cause your links to break. Here’s what we’re checking for, and what it means.

Valid DNS

A server that’s up and running

200 status code

A page that was successfully returned without error

HTTPS Protocol

A form of secure communication and encryption for websites

Mime content type

A specification of how the JSON file is written

File < 128Kb

The maximum size for your JSON file

Valid JSON

A JSON file without any syntax, naming, value, etc. issues

App Clips configuration

A lightweight version of your iOS app

Google Play Instant Apps

A lightweight version of your Android app

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