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From first impression to first ride, measure engagement across platforms and devices to optimize campaigns and increase ROI

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Measure everything.

The insights you need to optimize your marketing


    Easily determine which users engage with your app, how they are using your app and what revenue they generate with unlimited rich in-app events.

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    Reveal your app's retention health with powerful filters and diverse parameters. Stay top-of-mind and provide incentive at the right time to those with high churn-risk.

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    Deep integrations with leading networks including Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter report your true CPI. AppsFlyer matches CPI with app purchases, subscriptions and in-app event revenues to determine your customer lifetime value and the ROI of each campaign, in real-time.

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    Create dynamic audiences based on user activity with the industry's smartest and most robust segmentation tool. Sync your audiences directly with channels and platforms for fast action.

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Utilize rich in-app events to measure real ROI

Calculate your actual take rate, rental duration and other KPIs and gain insight to campaign success. Set the critical in-app events specific to your app’s features (e.g. first time ride, payment method added), and connect the dots from impression to conversion. Determine user quality and optimize to target loyal users.

Precise targeting with city-level and timezone-specific segmentation

Be sure the right users see the right ad at the right time. Make decisions based on real-time data to increase engagement and activity for specific regions.

Re-engage dormant users with supreme retargeting tools and analytics

Recognize dormant users and reignite the flames with a timely ad or offer. Identify the behavioral trends so that you can target the users who need a nudge, without disturbing the active userbase. Being proactive about user engagement over time, even post-conversion, is crucial to maintaining your app’s retention health.

Gett: Scaling as a global ride-hailing innovator

Learn how Gett leveraged AppsFlyer’s deep linking capabilities and extensive partner network to scale worldwide.

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AppsFlyer blocked $22M in transportation app fraud last year

With some of the highest CPI and CPA rates in the industry, transportation apps are aggressively targeted by fraudsters. In fact, 20% of all app downloads in the category are fraudulent. AppsFlyer’s advanced machine-learning detection system prevents fraud and stops it in its tracks.

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AppsFlyer’s dedication to both attribution accuracy and customer success, as well as their integrations with the broader ecosystem and cost reporting have made them an indispensable part of our growth stack.

Michael Jessen, Mobile Marketing Manager

AppsFlyer has been and continues to be an irreplaceable partner for the team here at Gett thanks to their focus on customer success and constant innovation.

Oded Onn, Global Head of Digital Marketing