4 new ways to boost your efficiency and impact with Master API

By Jon Burg
master api boost efficiency impact - square
master api boost efficiency impact - square

Mobile attribution is more than just another marketing data point, it’s the first step in your customer journey.

AppsFlyer’s Master API provides mobile businesses with a powerful pipeline that syncs directly into their preferred BI platforms, introducing deeper insights and new efficiencies across the organization.

Here are four ways mobile marketers, analysts, and executives are using Master API’s new weekly reporting, cohorts, and Protect360 KPIs to improve their agility, insight and impact.

Many apps only expect their customers to engage once or twice a week.

For example, top users for many grocery delivery apps only need to engage a few times a week. Daily reporting may show an average of 200k users per day when a more meaningful metric would be one million users per week. When optimizing new customer engagement, user acquisition, the user journey, retention and revenues, daily reporting often looks like an incoherent roller coaster.

Master API’s new weekly reporting cohorts are already helping leading mobile businesses normalize their daily engagement into more accessible and user-friendly weekly trends.

2. Automate your data sync, with sessions, revenue and in-app event volume cohorts

Data savvy mobile businesses often directly connect their data across platforms to automate their performance optimization.

Master API’s new sessions, revenue and in-app event volume cohorts make it easier than ever to automate your paid retargeting and cross-platform re-engagement, programmatically improving your revenues and retention.

For example, in many gaming categories, most new user engagement occurs within the first 10 days after the install. Marketers for these gaming apps may want to optimize their marketing efforts based on their day 10 sessions and ARPU. With Master API, building and analyzing these cohorts is a snap.

3. Use Protect360 to identify fraud across all of your apps

Protect360 (AppsFlyer’s fraud protection solution) data in MasterAPI makes identifying mobile fraud trends at the macro, company-level, far easier.

Smart fraudsters sometimes create a certain amount of in-app engagement to hide their fraud, particularly in the first few days following an install.

Traditionally, identifying in-app engagement fraud relied on either of the following:

  1. Identifying outlying hyper-engagement patterns
  2. Conducting a deep analysis of device metadata (such as a high amount of engagement from a particular model phone)

With the introduction of Protect360 KPIs in Master API, marketers with Protect360 access can now utilize our anti-fraud insights to easily identify fraud, clean up their in-app engagement metrics and insights. Sort, mix, multi-select and analyze your fraud data any way you want to, right alongside your other AppsFlyer data in your BI.

With all of your this rich, detailed data available at the Account level, identifying and addresses your fraud sources and vulnerabilities has never been easier.

4. Clear out bad actors and fake users to protect communities

Many mobile businesses require strict security and privacy for their platforms. Protect360 KPIs in Master API provides these businesses with strong, attribution-based fraud protection.

This data can be used to increase their overall platform privacy and security, in addition to improving attribution and analytics accuracy.

For example, a leading alternative-lifestyle dating platform invests heavily in their internal security to ensure their users enjoy a safe, secure, environment. As a social platform, both “trolls” and private investigators looking to ‘out’ their members and users is a constant threat.

By syncing their Protect360 KPIs over to their internal BI, a leading alternative lifestyle dating app is not only identifying suspicious installs but generating a multi-point rating of their users and accounts, flagging and removing accounts that are likely device farms indexing their user database.

Jon Burg

Jon is a seasoned marketer with 15 years experience in communications, customer experience and product innovation. While working agency side, Jon led marketing innovation and social product development for a number of Fortune 500 brands.

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