In-app events

In-app events are actions users take after installing an app (e.g. a purchase, level achievements, tutorial completion, etc.)

What are in-app events?

In-app events are a subset of events that specifically refer user activity once an app is installed.

They can be loosely categorized into two main categories: standard in-app events and rich in-app events.

  • Standard in-app events include actions such as registration, add-to-cart, purchases, and opens
  • Rich in-app events refer to activity such as level achievements, tutorial completion, user invites, and social shares

While standard in-app events help you understand the overall behavior of users inside your app, rich in-app events help you go a bit deeper. They are essential in determining the real value of your users and performance of your user acquisition efforts.

For each app category (e.g. Gaming, Entertainment, Health, etc.) and monetization model (e.g. subscription vs. freemium) there will be a slightly different set of in-app events, but in general, it’s best to align in-app events with your app’s KPIs.

Understanding post-install activity/user behavior

The insights gained from measuring in-app events can help you take campaign optimization to the next level, better inform budget allocation decisions, and create more impactful audience segments.

While every app on the market is trying to attract users, the real challenge is identifying loyal users by understanding their post-install behavior and that’s where in-app events come into play.

They help you answer questions like, “Who are the users that open my app daily?” and “Which users will pay for new features?” so that you can better understand the activity of your strongest and most desirable users.


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