AppsFlyer still spearheading the mobile attribution economy, say 5 independent sources

By Ran Avrahamy
appsflyer spearheads mobile attribution economy

We value data at AppsFlyer. It’s our bread and butter, the very core of our existence.

As we strive to provide the best insights, groundbreaking tools and infallible customer support, we constantly keep ourselves in check. Just as our customers use data to build, tweak and optimize their campaigns, we rely on external data to make sure that we’re on the right path.

And what better way to do this than to look at unbiased, independent third-party data about ourselves and the competitive landscape?

Several independent firms monitor and report on trends and data in the mobile industry, providing insight into the exponentially-growing world of mobile technology. And we are proud that AppsFlyer has been and continues to be the first choice in our industry, as more top brands, agencies and developers than ever trust AppsFlyer to make better marketing decisions, protect their ad spend from fraud, and fuel their own data-driven marketing innovations.

It is a testament to our core belief that we can only measure our success by our clients’ success, which drives the products and services we deliver, our pace of innovation and company culture.

About the data

Many companies provide intelligence about the mobile ecosystem, trends in technology and information about the stronger players and categories.

These firms monitor everything from app installs and uninstalls to general insights about the companies behind them, providing a clear global market outlook.

The data was collected from five reliable and independent sources, all monitoring the mobile ecosystem as a part of their company’s offering for app publishers and developers. These sources include data and reports from MightySignal, Apptopia, MOBBO, Sensor Tower and SafeDK.

Over 70% of mobile marketers choose AppsFlyer

MightySignal’s data shows that over 75% of Android mobile apps currently utilizing an ad attribution SDK, are using AppsFlyer.

MOBBO insights show that AppsFlyer is the #1 attribution SDK in iOS as well, with 59% of the market share.

Data collected from AppTopia and SafeDK further confirms this, showing significant, continued growth for AppsFlyer in the mobile ecosystem around the world.

AppsFlyer Regional Market Share
Sources: Mighty Signal, Apptopia, Mobbo, and SafeDK

Leading in every major industry

The biggest players in the mobile app economy are overwhelmingly choosing AppsFlyer, across all major categories.

Data from Sensor Tower, which follows trends in app downloads and revenue worldwide, shows an overwhelming majority of top brands are choosing AppsFlyer for mobile attribution.

Working with the world’s leading brands, AppsFlyer is tuned in to the most burning and unique business challenges in each domain.

No regrets

Our customers are not only selecting us, they’re choosing to stay with us.

MightySignal churn data that examines the rate of installed SDKs vs. uninstalled SDKs, shows that AppsFlyer has the lowest churn rate in the industry. Over

97% of our customers enjoy our unparalleled customer support, making AppsFlyer a trusted extension of their marketing and BI teams.

With the industry average retention rate at around 89%, AppsFlyer’s customers are much less likely to have a change of heart.

AppsFlyer churn rate
Source: MightySignal

Product development at the forefront

We don’t take it for granted that we’re the #1 choice for mobile attribution; we strive to continue to deliver cutting-edge, innovative products backed by unwavering quality.

In order to meet these sky-high standards, AppsFlyer employs the strongest, brightest and biggest R&D team in the industry.

Our solutions team outweighs our sales team 5:1, reflecting the company’s values and product-forward approach.

AppsFlyer solutions vs sales personnel
Source: LinkedIn

Reaching new heights

Driven by our outstanding team and our growing base of loyal customers, AppsFlyer is reaching new milestones. In Q3 of this year, AppsFlyer surpassed $100 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (VentureBeat article), experiencing a growth rate of 100% every 12 months.

Our technology is now found on nearly 7 billion mobile devices worldwide, up from 5 billion devices at this time last year.

We are humbled by this remarkable news; AppsFlyer is fueled by its incredible customers and staff who believe in its groundbreaking technology. We will always strive to bring best-in-class technology to the industry, without ever compromising on quality or support.

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