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Look on any app store and you’ll not be short of calorie counting apps. It’s a highly competitive market. The apps may be different but the model tends to be the same. Find your food, adjust the measurements and you’ll be presented with a calorie count and nutritional information. It works, but is time consuming.

Foodvisor wanted to change that.

Launched in 2015, Foodvisor set about the task of removing the data-entry burden from their users.

Their approach was innovative and ambitious. Foodvisor developed their own AI algorithm that allows their customers to take a photograph of their meal. The app then searches its massive archive and serves up nutritional information. It’s been described as the ‘Shazam’ of calories counting apps.


Having a great app that has genuine differentiation from the competition is rare, but it’s no guarantee of commercial success. Foodvisor knew that the answer would be found in their data.

That data would help CMO, Aurore Tran, and her team make far more informed media buying decisions:

“Before we worked with AppsFlyer, we were spending on Facebook and Snapchat campaigns but had no idea of our return on investment. We also didn’t know what our newly acquired customers were doing. It was really hard for me to launch campaigns and not know if they were working or not.”

Solving their main marketing problem with data would only work if that data was trusted.

For Foodvisor’s CSO, Yann Giret, that meant having the ability to interrogate that data at a much deeper level”

“We wanted to be able to dig and go deep in the data and to be as granular as we could. To do that, it’s really important for us to be sure that the data is right.”


Every day, Aurore and her team rely on AppsFlyer’s measurement dashboard to closely monitor ROI.

They monitor at media, campaign and advert level to find out what’s working and what isn’t. It gives Foodvisor the ability to optimize their acquisition in real-time.

Aurore has the visibility she was so badly missing.

Foodvisor wanted to go much deeper with their data. Working closely with their CSM, Lorene Valency, they set about the task of creating their own BI platform.

Now they aggregate their AppsFlyer data with other data sources. Their BI platform allows them to accurately forecast future performance. More significantly, it enabled Foodvisor to create a new financial dashboard that’s used across the company.

“Lorene is really responsive and has a very deep technical understanding of how AppsFlyer works. We’re not used to the high level of reactiveness because AppsFlyer is a big company and we’re a startup. You feel like Lorene knows what we’re doing and we can ask her anything.” – Yann Giret


Foodvisor now has a robust method for planning media campaigns. They’re more strategic in their approach and have the ability to make tactical changes in real-time. As a result, ROI has grown by 18%.

“During the COVID crisis, thanks to AppsFlyer data we changed our plans completely. We stopped our ‘start trial’ campaigns and switched our focus to our ‘app installs’ campaigns, as it was these campaigns that generated the best ROI.” – Aurore Tran

The impact goes beyond marketing though. ROI isn’t just an acquisition metric, at Foodvisor it’s become the strategic driver for the whole organization.

“We’re really clear that all the data that we have is accurate. We use AppsFlyer to build a financial dashboard for the whole company. It helps us build projections and our business plan. It’s more than just a marketing tool for us.” – Yann Giret

Foodvisor constantly conducts user research to help them improve what they do. This insight helped them plan a major new release that will change the way their customers log their meals.

The Foodvisor team wants to grow that customer base by expanding into new markets, a goal that’s been boosted by growing their acquisition team.

“The main advantage of AppsFlyer is that as soon as you launch a campaign you have the results. You don’t have to wait. We are a startup so we try to move fast, if we see that something is not where it’s supposed to be, then we can stop and change everything.” – Aurore Tran

As they scale, Foodvisor will keep a close eye on their marketing ROI and use their data to make the smartest decisions possible.

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