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Vgames - AppsFlyer customer success stories


Established in Vietnam in 2014 with seven key founders from reputed domestic and foreign game companies, VGames Initially focused its efforts on developing a line of puzzle and other hyper casual games. The mobile gaming startup then gradually shifted its focus to other games in the trivia, online and strategy game genres, including popular games such as Million Golden Deal, GunGun, Chess TD and Army vs Zombies. With a mission of bringing the Vietnamese gaming industry to the world, the company fosters a culture that accepts any challenge when developing new ideas and quality products.

Headquartered in District 11 of Ho Chi Minh City, VGames now offers a portfolio of 100 apps that boast over 30M installs, and primarily target international markets such as the United States. With a dedicated staff of 25 people, the startup is in the process of scaling up to meet growing production demands.

Vgames - AppsFlyer customer success stories


VGames was facing a resource crunch. Each time the team needed to evaluate the effectiveness of its campaigns, it had to manually extract the raw data, using third party tools to aggregate it into statistics and reports. While the services they used came at a cost, they were not fit for purpose and had become quite time consuming.

VGames also wanted to properly measure its results in order to properly gauge the install and revenue potential of their target markets. Ultimately, VGames needed data that was versatile enough to produce metrics that could measure success against a range of different business strategies.

However, VGames did not have ready access to detailed campaign reports and statistics. It took time and effort to manually extract the required data to generate reports that could offer a more intuitive view of its bottom-line results such as ROI and ROAS. The slow (or even lack of) connection to its ad networks and ad monetization partners also resulted in skewed revenue metrics.

In summary, the team faced three data-related issues:

  • Lack of detailed reporting and KPIs on ad revenue from its marketing campaigns;
  • Inadequate tools to help the team more intuitively visualize actual campaign ROI; and
  • Insufficient data accuracy due to slow data synchronization with multiple ad monetization and ad network partners.

As a result, VGames decided they needed a mobile measurement partner (MMP) that could offer upgraded and more intuitive features to measure campaign performance. This MMP needed to understand the team’s requirements and then analyze, evaluate and improve on their effectiveness. Not only should the MMP offer basic activity measurement, it also had to demonstrate the capacity to support rapid business growth, scaling up to match aggressive expansion in the market. In short, VGames was looking for a key, long-term partner that could provide relevant data and insights into their campaigns as well as strategic counsel and guidance as the business grew and developed.


VGames found a passionate and dedicated support team in AppsFlyer that offered exceptional service. AppsFlyer’s team was capable and experienced, and was available at all times to advise and work through the team’s problems.

With enthusiastic assistance from the customer success manager and technical team, VGames was able to troubleshoot through and identify many of the problems encountered during the process of setting up and running the campaigns, including game errors, game hacks (in-app purchase) and measurement errors. This in turn allowed the team to improve on its own products.

AppsFlyer’s interface was also both intuitive and easy to understand. AppsFlyer’s real-time Overview dashboard empowered VGames to unlock the full potential of its campaigns through timely and accurate reporting. Whenever problems arose, the platform allowed for easy identification of issues such as misalignment, hacks or missing measurement data. And besides the intuitive interface and easy-to-compare metrics, AppsFlyer finally allowed VGames to secure visibility over the key performance indicators it cared about most—ROI and ROAS. Thanks to solutions such as Xpend, the team could finally see integrated cost reports in real-time from the multiple ad networks they leverage for their marketing campaigns.

Understanding the performance of these KPIs was essential in optimizing campaign results, boosting installs and improving game quality. 


With the successful integration of AppsFlyer, VGames managed to optimize its campaigns and drive game installs to forecasted growth projections of 40% in revenue, while reducing costs from saturated and unsaturated markets and reducing fraudulent in-app purchases by 80%.

Not only did AppsFlyer’s impact on VGames’ business vastly outpace its initial costs over the medium to long term, the results also surpassed all expectations. With AppsFlyer’s support, VGames increased its revenue and achieved better ROI / ROAS from its day-to-day marketing investments. And most important to VGames, the team found a new strategic partner in AppsFlyer who they could work and collaborate with over the long term.

Experiencing the service and enthusiastic support of the AppsFlyer team allowed us to understand the true value of marketing. The detailed measurement of the AppsFlyer system proved key to our revenue growth, and provided us with a macro vision that would allow us to realize our aim to bring the Vietnamese gaming industry to the world market.

Tuan Nguyen, Chief Financial Officer, VGames
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