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Bridge the Gap with Cross-Device Attribution

Entertainment and music apps measurement cross-device, cross-channel and OTT

TV ads don’t need to be a black hole. Connect the dots between all of your advertising channels to understand the true value of offline ads. See all of your installs in one place, connecting mobile and over-the-top (OTT) app installs to TV ad campaigns.

Optimize Your Campaigns with Unlimited In-App Events

Whether it’s measuring the number of videos watched, songs streamed or playlists added, in-app events are directly correlated to retention and loyalty.  Learn which ads are driving the most engaged users, and how to target similar users in future campaigns.

Unlimited rich in-app events to measure user engagement

Utilize Smart Segmentation for Retargeting and Acquisition

Segment audiences dynamically using straightforward logic, to drive campaigns targeting specific populations. Re-engage users who have taken interest in certain content, create lookalike audiences to mirror your most loyal users, and much more.

Stay on Top of Your KPIs with Extensive Data Analytics Tools

AppsFlyer’s marketing analytics suite provides all the tools you need for assessing ad spend, cohort analysis, retention and more. Combine the data with your app revenue streams to gain true ROI visibility across all channels, campaigns and devices. 

Appsflyer exapnds your app reach

Unlock New Regions with 5,000+ Integrated Partners

Expand your app reach to new regions and audiences. AppsFlyer offers self-serve integration to thousands of regional and global advertising and technological partners worldwide. With the world at your fingertips, you can optimize new partnerships and uncover a world of new users.

Set the Stage for Mobile Marketing Success

  • Custom Dashboards

    Personalized dashboards provide insights at the blink of an eyeLearn More

  • Pivot Table

    Teams can analyze data right in the dashboard, no reliance on BI teamsLearn More

  • Cohort & Retention

    Fine-tune your team’s KPIs with holistic data viewsLearn More

  • Leverage an Ecosystem

    Self-serve integrations with over 5,000 partnersLearn More

  • Measure LTV & ROI with Precision

    Uncover the quality users and shift your ad spendLearn More

  • Powerful APIs

    Drive raw and aggregate data directly to your BI systemsLearn More

Measure Revenue from All Revenue Streams

No matter how you’re monetizing your app, we’ve got you covered. AppsFlyer measures cost and attribution data for in-app purchases, ad revenue and subscriptions. If your app offers subscription-based features, you can measure subscriptions and subscription renewals to maximize retention and optimization efforts.

fraud prevention AppsFlyer for business and productivity apps

Fraud is a $19B/Year Problem

The mobile ecosystem is plagued with an ever-growing fraud industry. Entertainment and music apps in particular are suffering from a surge in fraud, with 14.7% of downloads turning out to be fraudulent. AppsFlyer’s advanced machine-learning technology stops fraud before it happens, saving millions of dollars annually.

Attribution for Entertainment Apps from A to Z

Navigate all the risks and rewards of your entertainment/media app’s potential, AppsFlyer has put together a comprehensive guide on mobile attribution and marketing analytics, which includes deep dives into:

  • Granular in-app event mapping from selection to setup
  • Deep linking for flawless onboarding and personalization
  • Choosing and testing your media sources
  • Vertical-specific audience segmentation
  • And much more
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AppsFlyer Guide for Entertainment Apps

Voot Transformed Their Mobile Marketing Efforts

Voot, one of India’s largest entertainment streaming apps, utilized AppsFlyer’s deep analytics and marketing tools to transform their user acquisition campaigns.

AppsFlyer provides the answers and insights we need to make smarter marketing decisions across all of our paid and owned media channels.

Samantha Cohen Director, Global Media Planning The Weather Channel, an IBM Business

AppsFlyer is an essential part of our performance marketing decision-making process.

Taylor Adams, Director, Growth

AppsFlyer has been a great enabler for measurement & analysis of our digital campaigns. It has powered critical insights on channel & publisher performance which have helped us deliver outstanding business results on app adoption and retention.

Nitin Agarwal, VP Marketing

I had never been a fan of any particular platform until I started using AppsFlyer's. AppsFlyer's platform should become the comfortable, familiar home of any UA manager, whether they're confused newbies or seasoned professionals.

Ivan Ruppo, CMO