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Attribution Fraud

What is Attribution Fraud:

Attribution fraud is a case where fraudsters attempt to steal credit for app installs, not generated by them, by reporting fake clicks, in an attempt to register the last engagement before the app is first launched by the user.
Attribution fraud tricks attribution platforms to associate an organic install or one created by another source to the fraudster, thus manipulating the “last-click-attribution” model commonly applied by attribution providers.


How it works:

Commonly triggered by a form of malware on the user’s device, the program “listens” to the user’s activity and is notified once a new app install starts.
The malware will then search for campaigns relating to the relevant app, populating the relevant information into a fake click report, registering the last click engagement to win the attribution for an otherwise organic install or one generated by another media partner.


Why AppsFlyer:

Protect360 automatically blocks attributed clicks with a very short CTIT (Click To Install Time) and based on Google Play Server-Side API.


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