Mobile malware

Mobile malware refers to a type of harmful software designed to gain access to mobile phones and tablets via ads or apps aimed at stealing sensitive data, misusing device functions, holding a device ransom, and even generating fake traffic.

What is mobile malware?

Malware is a commonly known threat to desktop operation systems. However, as more and more users stream towards a mobile-first reality, hackers, criminals, and fraudsters follow attacking mobile devices instead.

While there are many types of mobile malware, it’s most generally defined as malicious and harmful program downloaded to a user’s device without their knowledge.

Click injection

How mobile malware works

Mobile malware is code running on unsuspecting user’s mobile devices.

Though some mobile malware is pre-installed on phones (often by low-end manufacturers), most mobile malware arrives on devices via apps, particularly apps downloaded on third-party app stores or side-loaded onto devices.

Malware is used to steal sensitive data, misuse device functions, or hold the device ransom and it can also be used for generating fraudulent traffic.

Why mobile malware matters

Mobile malware is particularly interesting to mobile marketers, as mobile malware is key to perpetrating both click hijacking and install hijacking.

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