Emulated devices

Emulated devices, sometimes called device emulators, are programs running on computers that simulate devices and operating systems.

What are emulated devices?

In the mobile ecosystem, emulated devices are commonly used by both app developers and fraudsters. 

As a development tool, emulated devices allow developers to test their products on different devices or operating systems without actually purchasing and setting up different physical devices.

If, for example, a developer wants to test an app on multiple iOS or Android versions on multiple iPhones, Samsungs, or other devices, they can use the emulated device to save time, energy, and money to test more efficiently.

emulated devices
A program running on a computer emulating a mobile device running on Android

How emulated devices are used when it comes to fraud:

Fraudsters often take the concept of emulated devices one step further by programming them to engage with ad campaigns, install apps, and perform in-app activities essentially creating fake users.

These fake actions (fake because they aren’t being performed by real users) drain marketing budgets while delivering marketers’ ad spend into the hands of fraudsters.

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