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By Barak Witkowski
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Be fully ready for iOS 14, before it’s here

A few weeks ago we announced AppsFlyer’s SKAdNetwork solution with a blog post and a sneak peek into the dedicated dashboard.

On our side, once iOS 14 drops, we’re fully prepared to receive SKAdNetwork postback data, validate its correctness and uniqueness, enrich it with other data points and help networks optimize the advertisers’ campaigns based on these insights. Advertisers will have access to a dedicated SKAdNetwork dashboard that visualizes the data. 

To most advertisers, however, SKAdNetwork is still a new solution.

Advertisers have become accustomed to receiving and analyzing data in a certain way and the new SKAdNetwork has turned this whole system on its head. Advertisers are unfamiliar with this new system and the potential value it will provide them. 

It’s a tricky situation; SKAdNetwork will not be fully available until the public release of iOS 14, yet advertisers are eager to prepare in advance and educate themselves (and their teams) about the upcoming changes.

What will the data look like? What kind of insights can be gathered? How can measurement and conversion value be optimized? 

There’s a bit of a puzzle here; you can’t be prepared without the SKAdNetwork data, but the data won’t be available ahead of time to allow for preparation.

We aren’t waiting

We are determined to help advertisers prepare for SKAdNetwork insights in the best way possible, so we have designed an exclusive tool to help our customers.

Introducing: SKAdNetwork Simulation by AppsFlyer.

This new dashboard helps advertisers get a sense of what their SKAdNetwork data will look like and configure the fields they’d like to measure. Don’t let the “simulation” part of the name confuse you; this dashboard is based on each customer’s real data

By experimenting with the SKAdNetwork configurations for this dashboard and witnessing the real impact on the insights, advertisers can optimize and strategize, ahead of the public iOS 14 release.

This means that the day iOS 14 becomes available, advertisers will already be equipped with the tools for making the most of their SKAdNetwork data.

“We’re excited to cooperate with AppsFlyer’s SKAdNetwork solution. We believe MMPs will remain a key solution for advertisers to keep their data actionable post-iOS 14.” – Sheila Bhardwaj Measurement Partnerships, Snap

How does it work?

As mentioned, this dashboard relies on real customer data, but only the data that will be available for measurement in SKAdNetwork.

  • It only includes relevant attribution flows: app-to-app direct click-to-install flows. Flows that will not be included in real SKAdNetwork data, such as view-through and deferred click-through attribution data, are not manifested in this dashboard.
  • The dashboard only displays events which would have been mapped according to your current SKAd conversion value configuration.

You can choose which of the 3 post-install modes you’d like to activate, determining the optimal strategy for conversion value mapping. Choose between revenue, conversion, and engagement

“We’re excited to cooperate with AppsFlyer’s SKAdNetwork solution. We believe MMPs continue to have an important role to play in the post-iOS 14 era, empowering advertisers to streamline implementation of SKAdNetwork and continue to access their data in an actionable way. As part of that, we are committed to sharing all SKAdNetwork postback data with our advertisers. Transparency has always been a core part of our offering, and the advent of iOS 14 won’t change that.” – Yevgeny Peres VP Growth, ironSource

What do I need to do?

Not a thing. If you’re an AppsFlyer customer with an iOS app, you can go check out the simulation dashboard right now. It will already be populated with data for you to explore.

Ahead of the release of iOS 14, however, we strongly recommend you update your AppsFlyer SDK to v6.0.2, and configure the events/revenue you’d like to measure with SKAdNetwork. This SDK is fully iOS 14-ready.

We also recommend that you ensure your advertising partners are integrated with AppsFlyer around SKAdNetwork, so that data can be attributed accordingly.

Join me for a quick tour of the new dashboard:

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