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Retargeting Attribution and Enablement

Mobile advertising retargeting is one of the most effective ways to improve user engagement and purchase activity. AppsFlyer’s built-in retargeting attribution makes it easy for advertisers to measure and optimize their retargeting campaigns, improving their performance and their bottom-line.

Setting Up Retargeting

Setting up retargeting campaigns with AppsFlyer is remarkably easy. To start, just click enable retargeting for the app. Then, in the Integrated Partners tool, select the integrated partner you would like to work with, and click “Enable Retargeting”. Or, if you prefer, you can just add a simple macro to the attribution link. It’s that easy. An updated attribution link will automatically be generated, and you’re good to go.

Remember, with AppsFlyer’s deep partner integrations, syncing in-app events with partners couldn’t be easier. Just select the in-app events you want to sync, and match them with the network’s corresponding in-app events in the drop-down menu. By syncing in-app engagement with retargeting networks, networks gain the ability to target or block specific users and segments in their retargeting. With these insights in-hand, networks can dynamically optimize retargeting campaigns based on the latest, real-time data.

Bonus: Don’t forget to use your retention and cohort reports to analyze your users, build smarter retargeting segments and improve your bottom line.

Measuring Retargeting

Retargeting campaign optimization is a fine art. The retargeting report provides app marketers with the insights they need. Understand which retargeting campaigns drove re-engagement versus re-attribution, click and conversion rates, eCPI, revenue generated, new in-app engagement and more. Please note that like all AppsFlyer attribution, retargeting campaigns also feature custom-configurable attribution lookback windows.

The world’s largest brands and marketers rely on AppsFlyer’s built-in retargeting solutions to attribute, measure and improve their performance.

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