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App Retention Rate Benchmarks: H2 2017

The app engagement wave is gaining momentum among the vast majority of app marketers. This of course is good news as user retention is the basis of monetization. Active users means more opportunities to secure in-app purchases and particularly more pages with ads viewed — an increasingly important revenue stream for freemium apps.

However, with fierce competition and countless alternatives, getting users to stick to your app is an extremely tough challenge. To help you understand how your app’s retention rate fares vs. your competitors, we’ve analyzed 1.4 billion app opens from 3,500 apps.

In the report you’ll find:

  • How organic retention compares to non-organic and how Android matches up against iOS
  • A detailed breakdown of retention benchmarks per country and per app category
  • Short term (up to 30 days) vs. long term retention after 12 weeks

For example, here’s the retention of shopping apps among US users:Shopping US app retention

And these are the retention benchmarks of gaming apps among Chinese users:Gaming_China app retention

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