Google and AppsFlyer: Mobile app marketing trends in Central and Eastern Europe (and how to succeed in it!)


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Mobile is on the rise in Central and Eastern Europe, largely fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing smartphone adoption, and looking ahead, the rise of 5G. 

For businesses, this presents a great opportunity. Investing in mobile can help them reach new audiences, build loyalty, enhance the overall experience, and drive revenue. 

What’s inside:

In this report, we’ve joined forces with our friends at Google to share insights on the current state of mobile in the region, and how marketers can succeed in it.

  • Data-led insights from 8 countries across Central and Eastern Europe
  • Gaming, finance and shopping trends 
  • The impact of iOS 14.5 on installs and in-app advertising revenue
  • Actionable tips from Google on how app marketers can succeed in 2022
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