Attention Retention! 2021 app retention benchmarks report


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App retention has been a major pain point for app marketers for years now. Securing long-term loyalty in such a crowded marketplace is an on-going challenge for most apps. 

To make matters worse, Apple’s SKAdNetwork does not de facto allow marketers to measure retention for non-organic (or organic) users. SKAN’s one-time postback only covers up to 72 hours of post-install activity, which also makes the exact date of install unknown. 

The good news is that benchmark data from consenting iOS users, Android usage, and overall retention rates are highly valuable as we’ll show in this report.

What’s inside:

  • Daily and weekly retention benchmarks by category, genre, platform, and country
  • Average and top performers’ rates per segment
  • Owned media vs. paid media comparisons
  • Action items for marketers – how to improve retention rates

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