The Indian Cricket season report: 2024 Edition


Leveraging cricket euphoria for app business success

The Indian Cricket season commands immense attention, captivating millions of viewers worldwide. This year, the excitement escalates as the domestic season sets the stage for the prestigious international Cricket World Cup.

For app marketers, this presents unparalleled opportunities. With effective strategies, they can harness the cricket fervor like never before. In our latest report, we analyzed over 2.7 billion app installs, unveiling consumer engagement trends during the 2023 cricket season. These insights equip marketers for success this year.

We’ve also curated in-depth insights from top brands in the Indian app ecosystem, complemented by expertise from our partner, MoEngage, well known for their work with leading app businesses in India. 

What’s Inside

  • Trends in app installs and remarketing
  • Insights into customer retention, post season
  • Analysis of app sessions throughout last year’s tournament
  • Perspectives from top app marketing experts
  • Recommendations for achieving app success during this cricket season
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