IPL 14 – An outlier year for cricket



What’s inside

For IPL, 2021 was even more of an outlier than 2020. The 2021 India Premier League, in its fourteenth season, was unique in that it was broken up into two distinct halves. The first leg was played in India from April 9 to May 2, with the second leg in the United Arab Emirates from Sept 19 to Oct 8 after the season was suspended following an outbreak of COVID-19 cases breaching the teams’ respective bio-bubbles.

This meant that marketers had the opportunity to observe the effects of audience interest after the months-long hiatus. While this break of four months might have resulted in some loss of momentum, we saw that there was still significant growth in YoY revenue across various categories.

In this year’s edition of the IPL report, we take a look at the key trends that have defined the hottest T20 league in the world and round it off with some of the best practices for this season.

What’s inside this report:

  • App install trends and top device brands during IPL
  • App retention and revenue trends from IPL
  • A day in the life of a mobile user during match days

We hope you enjoy this report as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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