The state of mobile app fraud  – 2023 edition


Install fraud is the mobile app bogeyman – a malicious presence always hiding under your bed, draining your budgets. 

But awareness, vigilance and the right kind of protection can lead to success in the fight against fraud – which surged more than 40% in H2 2022. To help make sense of it all, the state of mobile app fraud analyzed 22 billion installs to offer an in-depth look at the key trends that shaped 2022 and early 2023.

What’s inside:

  • App install fraud rate trends by platform, category, and country
  • Install fraud financial exposure by region and category
  • Install fraud type distribution by region, category, and platform 
  • Post-attribution fraud trend by platform and vertical  
  • App install fraud rate benchmarks for 2023 in 120+ markets and 30+ industries
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