The one about SKAN; past, present & future


David Phillopson Founder & CEO of DataSeat
Tim Koschella Founder & CEO of Kayzen

The one where they talk about… guess what… SKAN; Past, Present and Future.

Where else to start Level UP UA than focusing on the industry-defining topic of SKAdNetwork with two incredible industry veterans, David and Tim. Join us as we kick off our new podcast by taking a deep dive into SKAN, looking at the different approaches that people are taking to measuring user value (Conversion Values), how Apple’s privacy threshold is iterating and impacting postbacks, and how to drive up ATT opt-ins.

We’re not starting with the easy topics, we’re diving straight in at the deep end!

Hosted by Adam Smart, Director of Product, AppsFlyer & Piyush Mishra, Lead -Growth Marketing, Product Madness, with special guests David Phillopson, Founder & CEO, DataSeat, and Tim Koschella, Founder & CEO, Kayzen.

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Meet our hosts

Adam Smart

Adam has worked in technical, product and growth roles in the gaming industry for over 10 years. Currently working as a Product Director – Gaming for AppsFlyer, he has extensive experience in user acquisition and retention, monetization and conversion design, product analytics, and software architecture.

Piyush Mishra

Piyush is an experienced performance marketing leader with a proven record in user growth at scale. Currently working as Lead, Growth at Product Madness, he has 6+ years of experience in user acquisition and growth, product marketing, cross-media planning, offline media, brand media strategy, and AdTech across multiple industries.

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