Beyond clicks and views: enhancing attribution logic with Enriched Engagement Types

By Elad Mashiach
Beyond clicks and views: enhancing attribution logic with Enriched Engagement Types - OG Image

In the fast-paced world of digital advertising, evolution is not a luxury but a necessity.

A mere two months ago, we advocated for standardized ad engagement metrics, urging the industry to embrace a transparent and unified approach. We were thrilled  by the excitement and interest to join this initiative from all sides, which makes us even more confident it’s the right move for everyone: advertisers, networks, publishers, and end users.

Today, we bring news that the landscape has not only shifted but taken a giant leap forward. Meta’s release of their engaged views and Tiktok’s recently announced a comparable solution Enhanced View-Through Attribution (EVTA) mark significant milestones in the evolution of ad engagement. As pioneers in this frontier, they are setting new standards for what advertisers can achieve in understanding user interactions.

Tiktok and AppsFlyer partnership quote

At AppsFlyer, we’ve already begun measuring and reporting enriched engagement data from Meta, TikTok, and additional participating networks, with more partners joining as we write this blog.

Recognizing the magnitude of this shift, we’ve decided to roll out the Enriched Engagement Types in beta to selected advertisers and networks. Through this initiative, we extend an invitation for them to experience, adapt, and harness the transformative potential of these changes in their attribution logic, reporting practices, and signaling strategies – changes that are poised to intelligently scale their marketing efforts and fuel growth.

Bottom line: Enriched Engagement Types introduce higher accuracy and transparency, leading to more options to scale through the right channels, resulting in better ROAS, and thus faster and more efficient growth.

But wait, what’s actually changing with Enriched Engagement Types?

1. Updated attribution priorities

The refined attribution logic underpinning these changes is anchored in updated priorities, which dictate how various types of engagements are weighed in the attribution logic. These priorities represent a significant advancement in accurately attributing user interactions, leading to a more enriched and accurate attribution waterfall.

Outlined below are the updated priorities for different engagement types:

Engagement type prioritization

2. Reporting transparency and standardized metrics

Such reporting is paramount in the evolving landscape of digital advertising. Ad networks, previously grappling with the challenge of accurately representing user intent, are now experiencing a significant shift. With the introduction of enriched engagement types, the age-old dilemma of under-representing engagement views as mere ‘views’ or over-representing them as ‘clicks’ is being resolved.


Reporting transparency and standardization of views and clicks

This change ensures that each interaction, from fleeting exposures to more robust engagements, is standardized and fairly credited.

Reporting transparency with engaged views

3. Deeper insights – beyond views and clicks

Enriched engagement types provide in-depth insights into how users engage with ads beyond views and clicks. This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about understanding ad engagement behavior and user intent at a deeper level.

Engagement types

Engagement types

Enriched Engagement Types provide various touchpoints to measure upon. While previously engagements were associated only as a view or a click (and a very thin line for one or the other), now you gain additional visibility in-between, providing better understanding and insight into user’s intent thanks to their engagement type.

What now?

The industry is undergoing a significant shift, fueled by standardized ad engagement metrics and an unwavering commitment to transparency.

With leading ad networks and advertisers joining this revolution, the momentum is building for a more insightful, responsive, and engaging advertising ecosystem.

As we forge ahead, our commitment to innovation remains strong. We’re proud to join industry leaders and forward-thinking advertisers toward a future where every engagement type tells a meaningful story, and every campaign receives the credit it truly deserves.

The future of ad engagement measurement is unfolding before us, and together, we’re shaping an advertising landscape that thrives on interaction and transparency where advertising isn’t just seen, it’s experienced.

Elad Mashiach

Elad Mashiach serves as the Chief Partnership Officer at AppsFlyer, dedicating 11 years to cultivating and overseeing strategic alliances with a diverse array of partners, including top companies like Meta, Google, TikTok, Snap, Unity, Moloco, Digital Turbine, and thousands more. With a robust background spanning 15 years in the mobile measurement and advertising industry, Elad brings extensive expertise that has helped establish AppsFlyer as a leader in the ecosystem
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