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The [All New] AppsFlyer Performance Index is Here

Danielle Blumenstyk Peterman Oct 24, 2017

It’s that time of year! No, not the holiday season quite yet —  it’s Performance Index season! Almost as festive for mobile marketers. Arguably more exciting. But unlike (often disappointing) holiday gifts, the index is a gift you’ll not only want, but actually need.

When we first introduced the Index in May 2015, we couldn’t have imagined how massive it would get, and the incredible impact it would have on our entire ecosystem. We make an effort to make it bigger and better with every edition, so it provides you with the actionable insights you need to make the best decisions for your business. After months of hard work, we’re excited to release The AppsFlyer Performance Index H1 2017 – Edition V.

We know you make important budget allocation decisions based on our index, and we take that responsibility very seriously. To create the report, we analyzed six billion installs, generating a total of 80 billion sessions on 5,500 apps (with a minimum of 2k non-organic installs). Overall, we examined 250 media sources (with a minimum of 20,000 attributed installs).  

For the first time since we began releasing the index in 2015, and thanks to the scale of our cost data, we were able to add the ROI Index for iOS and Android, listing the top media sources based on what matters most — your bottom line.

We’ve also included two new quality factors this time around: average sessions per user and regional fraud rate per network. In the previous H2 2016 index, we factored in basic fraud signals. As mobile ad fraud and the tools to protect against it have rapidly evolved, we have both accumulated more data and gained deeper insight, allowing us to factor in multiple, advanced fraud signals. As you can imagine, fraud had a significant impact on the results.

Our full, highly detailed methodology is included in the index itself.

Key Insights

So, what else is new? First off, Apple Search Ads are playing with the big boys now, after less than a year since they first launched their app store ad product. Combining search intent with the fact that users are already in the app store is a powerful mix, which is clearly visible by their impressive index rankings.

Apple Search Ads hit the #1 spot in the iOS ROI Index with a 30% higher ARPU and a 40% lower price than the other networks in this index.

Apple has been delivering scale for non-gaming apps, ranking 8th in the universal volume index, and 3rd in the North America ranking. As a result, Apple Search Ads came in at #3 and #4 in the universal non-gaming and gaming power rankings, respectively.

While Facebook and Google have always made it to the top slots, the two giants are dominating the mobile ad space like never before. Our new ROI index indicates that Facebook and Google reached the #1 and #2 spots on Android, and the #2 and #3 positions on iOS, respectively.

While the two titans are at the top of the rankings across the board, their dominance is even more prominent in the non-gaming category. Facebook and Google’s share of installs in non-gaming was 70% higher than their share in gaming. When looking at operating systems, their share on Android was almost 50% higher than iOS. Lastly, examining the data regionally shows that Latin America has the highest share of installs coming from Google and Facebook, followed by Asia, Western Europe, and lastly North America.

Those are just two of several key insights you’ll find in the index, in addition to the full power, volume, and ROI rankings.

Some Rankings to Get You Going

Wondering where your favorite networks ranked? To give you a little taste, below are the top ten universal power rankings for the gaming and non-gaming categories:


  1. Facebook
  2. Google AdWords
  3. Unity Ads
  4. Apple Search Ads
  5. AppLovin
  6. Chartboost
  7. Vungle
  8. AdColony
  9. Liftoff
  10. Twitter


  1. Facebook
  2. Google AdWords
  3. Apple Search Ads
  4. Twitter
  5. AdColony
  6. Vungle
  7. AppLovin
  8. MUNDOmedia
  9. YouAppi
  10. Cheetah Mobile

And that’s just a tiny little taste. Wondering who came in at number 11, and who didn’t even make the cut? Visit the full H1 2017 index, or click below for the full rankings and key insights.