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increase in Day 30 retention since 2021


USD in annual savings from blocked fraudulent in-app events


less data engineering workload with automated attribution data consolidation


  • Baemin Vietnam, the leading food tech company in Vietnam, is known for its convenient and seamless food ordering experience. With a strong focus on enhancing user engagement, the company wanted to drive customer retention and achieve revenue growth.
  • Baemin was aiming for complete campaign visibility, but faced challenges with accurate attribution across channels, fraudulent in-app events, and managing diverse campaigns while ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Baemin used AppsFlyer’s Measurement Suite, Customer Experience and Deep Linking Suite, Protect360, Data Locker, and Audiences to focus on the best media sources, create targeted user segments, and drive seamless anywhere-to-app experiences, resulting in increased in-app event conversions and retention rates.


Woowa Brothers Corp, a South Korean technology company, entered the Vietnamese market in 2019 with the launch of the Baemin food delivery app. Since then, Baemin Vietnam has earned a strong reputation for providing customers with a convenient and seamless food ordering experience, establishing itself as the go-to solution for food delivery and garnering a loyal customer base. 

With a diverse selection of restaurants and a commitment to leveraging innovative technology, Baemin has solidified its position as a key player in the market. To maintain its competitive edge, Baemin is focused on implementing sophisticated marketing strategies that enhance user engagement, drive retention, and boost revenue growth.


In the highly competitive food delivery industry, the successful completion of a user’s first order holds great importance. For Baemin, accurately measuring and attributing “first-order success” events was crucial in boosting remarketing conversions. 

Baemin’s remarketing efforts relied on measuring these vital in-app events to create targeted campaigns that re-engage users who, for example, abandoned their carts or didn’t return after their initial order. However, this task presented challenges, especially when dealing with multiple media sources, which complicated the measurement and attribution process.

Remarketing became a priority for us as we were looking to get a grip on churning users. As we turned to AppsFlyer’s remarketing solution, we got laser-focused on the best media sources, created targeted segments, and optimized our conversion rates for those crucial in-app events, like first-order success.

Bao Chi, Media Manager at Baemin Vietnam

The prevalence of fraudulent in-app events compounded Baemin’s challenges, particularly when working with various affiliate networks. To reconcile with its affiliate network, Baemin used the event “Order Success”, meaning that the customer has successfully completed their order via the app. However, they faced challenges in identifying and blocking fraudulent in-app events, resulting in wasted marketing efforts. Around 70% of the fraudulent activities were attributed to bots, while click-flooding accounted for nearly 20% of them.

Baemin also faced significant challenges in its social media and offline marketing campaigns, which revolved around different themes such as the company’s anniversary and unique restaurant promotions. Baemin’s challenge was to direct a specific set of users to specific landing pages – a process involving managing deep linking across these diverse campaigns while ensuring a seamless user experience. Moreover, the company recognized the importance of generating QR codes and centralizing attribution data to enhance its data-backed marketing decisions.

Furthermore, Baemin had to rely on manual data analysis to consolidate and customize representation of marketing attribution data in its in-house BI (business intelligence) tools for effective campaign optimization. This made it hard for Baemin to promptly identify underperforming channels and campaigns, leading to wasted marketing budgets. The process was further complicated by the lack of timely and accurate data on installs, in-app events, and remarketing, leading to missed opportunities to fine-tune campaigns and optimize media sources.


To increase retention rates and remarketing conversions, Baemin adopted a two-pronged approach.

Firstly, the team used AppsFlyer’s Measurement Suite for remarketing attribution, allowing them to identify the most effective media sources for app re-engagement. This valuable insight allowed Baemin to allocate more resources to these effective channels. 

Secondly, Baemin leveraged AppsFlyer’s Audiences tool to deliver personalized messages to specific audience segments across paid and owned channels. This approach enabled them to manage their target audiences, tailor messaging, and measure and optimize campaign performance all in one centralized platform, significantly increasing the likelihood of retention.

In response to the challenge of fraudulent in-app events, Baemin’s team took proactive steps to block unclean traffic and refocus their marketing efforts on real, profitable users, protecting marketing budgets. They turned to Protect360, AppsFlyer’s fraud detection and prevention solution that helps businesses identify and block fraudulent in-app events.  

Protect360 was integrated into Baemin’s system to monitor all incoming in-app events and filter out fraudulent ones.

Thanks to AppsFlyer, we’re not just keeping the churning users at bay, but we’re ready to take our re-engagement and retention game to the next level.

Bao Chi, Media Manager at Baemin Vietnam

It uses advanced algorithms that analyze various data points, such as device information, IP address, and user behavior patterns, to identify anomalies and suspicious activity. When a fraudulent event was detected, Protect360 automatically blocked it from being recorded in Baemin’s system, thereby preventing false attribution and wasted marketing spend.

To help with its social media and offline marketing campaigns, Baemin turned to AppsFlyer’s Customer Experience and Deep Linking Suite. This allowed the team to personalize and contextualize their user journeys across social media and offline channels and ensure a seamless user experience. 

For example, with its annual anniversary campaign, Baemin wanted to direct users to a dedicated landing page that showcased special offers and promotions specifically tailored for the special day. Using the CX and deep linking suite, Baemin created unique URLs for its anniversary campaign, so that when users clicked on the link, they were directed to the relevant landing page. 

AppsFlyer has proven to be an invaluable partner, positively impacting our journey and leaving us impressed by their exceptional customer support.

Bao Chi, Media Manager at Baemin Vietnam

AppsFlyer was also able to provide QR codes on demand. Baemin benefited greatly from having a single partner for both deep linking and attribution, enabling them to measure and analyze the performance of their deep links. As well as saving time and resources, this approach empowered the team to make data-driven decisions and optimize their marketing strategies for improved campaign efficiency and higher ROI.

Finally, Baemin aimed to streamline its operations and reduce manual work by automating the process of ingesting marketing attribution data and developing in-house dashboards. To achieve this, they implemented AppsFlyer’s Data Locker solution, which provided comprehensive access to raw data on installs, in-app events, and remarketing conversions on an hourly basis, in near-real time. 

Using automated scripts to pull and process the data, the team could seamlessly import it into their in-house BI systems. As a result, they could access the data on demand, make data-driven decisions, and swiftly identify underperforming channels and campaigns. This automation not only reduced the manual workload for data analysts, but also enabled Baemin’s media managers to take quick, effective action to optimize their marketing campaigns.


Implementing AppsFlyer’s solutions has yielded significant results for Baemin. 

Firstly, optimizing remarketing campaigns resulted in a remarkable increase in the retention rate since 2021, with Day 30 retention increasing by 5x. Baemin was able to engage with more users and retain those that were profitable, improving its bottom line. 

Secondly, using Protect360 to block fraudulent events helped Baemin to refocus their marketing efforts on real users who made successful orders. By effectively blocking millions of fraudulent in-app events, Baemin achieved estimated cost savings of more than $150K a year, and saved hours of manual effort by data analysts consolidating marketing attribution data.

In addition, AppsFlyer’s customer experience and deep linking solution enabled Baemin to improve its user experience, resulting in significant return on experience (ROX) in the form of installs, revenue, and retention.

Finally, Data Locker provided a single source of all marketing attribution data, enabling Baemin to optimize all of its media sources and campaigns to ad level in real time. It also reduced manual workload for data engineering by 30%, through the automation of ingesting and managing marketing attribution data.

AppsFlyer as our single partner for deep linking and attribution has been truly transformative for Baemin. It not only empowered us to measure and analyze the performance of our deep links, but also saved us valuable time and resources.

Bao Chi, Media Manager at Baemin Vietnam
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