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Ibotta is a free cash back rewards and payments app that gives users real cash for everyday purchases when they shop and pay through the app.

The Denver-based company has steadily grown its user base since 2011 to become the highest-rated cash back and rewards app in the Apps Store with nearly 1 million reviews. But acquiring a user is only the beginning of the Growth team’s strategy.

Ibotta’s business model relies on users integrating the application into their daily purchasing habits, from grocery to online shopping and now payments. This means that effective reengagement and retention is paramount to their success.


Ibotta needed a way for a one person team to effectively launch and manage complex remarketing campaigns at scale.

Syncing dynamic audiences with every network partner on a daily basis was a time consuming, manual process with little control and consistency. Ibotta lacked confidence that their dynamic audiences were being properly synced and applied across every partner. This also limited their ability to test the success of new networks at scale.


AppsFlyer’s powerful Audiences solution enabled Ibotta to build and deploy advanced segments across their ecosystem of partners and networks. AppsFlyer Audiences collects user data and pushes it to partners in real-time leveraging AWS cloud computing and API solutions.

This ultimately rendered the audience creation and deployment process more manageable and reliable, a key component to an advanced remarketing strategy.

A one person team built out an otherwise manual segmentation process with Audiences to see positive ROI across their user base.


Audiences provided Ibotta with significant time savings, allowing a one person team to double their remarketing efforts and increase spend by 103% without additional resource investment.

With the team running all of their remarketing campaigns via AppsFlyer, Ibotta could easily test out new ad networks with confidence, knowing their segmentation rules were being correctly applied across every partner integration and their data was comprehensive and accurate.

The time savings and overall success of this integration also made it possible for Ibotta’s marketing team to focus on new growth initiatives. This included the deployment of incrementality testing powered by AppsFlyer, which assessed the lift from each new remarketing channel.

The team cited the following as key to their overall success with AppsFlyer:

  • One-click connection with over 45+ network partners and precise audience builder for optimal remarketing at scale
  • Ability to import pre-existing audiences or custom audiences to segment further and connect to partner networks in just one flow
  • Advanced analytics providing visibility into raw data to provide a clear baseline to set up a successful A/B test and measure the incremental impact of their remarketing activity.
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