Boosting overall conversions by 137% with deep linking & audience segmentation

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improvement in overall conversions by using Audiences and deep linking


increase in purchase conversions


boost in ARPU by A/B testing with Audiences


  • Sayurbox, a large e-Grocery brand in Indonesia, sought to increase their signup to first purchase conversion rate
  • To achieve that, they needed to segment app users based on in-app events and purchase behavior for their remarketing activities. Serving these users with relevant, contextualized ads helped them create dedicated and unique funnels, but also proved to be challenging given the required manual work.
  • With the implementation of Audiences and the customer experiences and deep linking suite, Sayurbox saw a 137% uplift in overall conversions and an 86% boost in purchase rates.


Founded in 2016, Sayurbox is one of Indonesia’s fastest-growing e-Grocery platforms with full integration from farm to end consumer. Headquartered in Jakarta, Sayurbox offers its 1 million customers over 5,000 SKUs, ranging from fresh produce, meat, and poultry, to snacks and ready-to-eat dishes. 

Sayurbox partners with 10,000 farmers nationwide to fulfill its social mission of providing market access to local farmers through the digitalization of Indonesia’s agri-supply chain. 

The company raised USD 120 million in March 2022 to expand its offering from Java and Bali to more regions — and strengthen its supply network.


Sayurbox’s performance marketing team was facing two primary challenges:

  1. Improving the economics behind its user acquisition efforts by identifying the most cost-effective UA channels. 
  2. Increasing the rate of user conversion from installation to first purchase. 

In order to achieve these objectives, Sayurbox planned to segment their app users based on in-app events and purchase behavior — and retarget them with relevant, contextualized ads for the purpose of creating dedicated and unique funnels. 

Pulling and processing the vast amount of user data proved to be a challenging and time-consuming task. Lacking a segmentation engine meant that the team had to perform the grueling manual work of gathering the data and slicing it in order to identify the users within each segment. 

The long manual process also invited opportunities for human error, affecting the performance of each segment after executing the relevant campaign.

Furthermore, with the objective of scaling in mind, Sayurbox identified referrals as a cost-effective and highly converting avenue to acquire new users. In this scenario, existing users recommend the app to friends who would be interested in it at no cost to Sayurbox. 

However, the team was missing the tools to enable a reliable referral mechanism for enthusiastic users that would be:

  • Easy to implement for the team 
  • Easy to use for app users
  • Create a positive and smooth experience for referred users


Sayurbox leveraged AppsFlyer’s Audiences to enable retargeting based on rich first-party behavioral data. This enabled the team to reach specific segments, such as Sayurbox Deluxe, with tailored promotions, creatives, and messaging. 

The Sayurbox Deluxe users are a group of premium customers who previously purchased organic or imported products and generate above-average revenue per customer, so are well worth the company’s remarketing efforts. 

Using Audiences, Sayurbox can: 

  • Align user segmentation across retargeting media sources and channels with the most up-to-date data.
  • Set up sophisticated split testing to evaluate campaign effectiveness based on a wide set of criteria, including consumer segments and geographic trends. 

Sayurbox developed two campaigns, targeting specific audience parameters across two regions – one targeting Jakarta (Campaign A) and one targeting all regions (Campaign B) where Sayurbox operates. 

Starting with the testing phase, Sayurbox could see that Campaign B returned 9% higher ARPU, offering compelling evidence for the team to shift their budget towards the better-performing campaign and achieve greater efficiency of spend.

In order to improve and streamline the user journey for referrals, Sayurbox utilized Appsflyer’s customer experiences and deep linking solution to create highly personalized and contextual experiences from all channels straight to the app. 

This served to drive referrals, conversions, revenue, and better overall return on experience.


Sayurbox vastly improved their overall volume of conversions (from click to total attributions: installs + retargeting) by 137%, while purchase conversions improved by more than 86% through the use of the customer experiences and the deep linking suite. 

Through their enhanced attribution and measurement abilities, Sayurbox was also able to confirm that referrals were their largest driver of traffic across all owned media channels. 

Overall, the app captured 129% more unique users via OneLink-powered links than through the original links. And with the use of Branded Domains (for example,, Sayurbox also ensured the consistency of their branding across all referral links.

Audiences reduced work while allowing Sayurbox’s marketing team to do more. The feature significantly improved workforce productivity, saving 5% in staff hours within six months following its implementation. 

And with Audiences, Sayurbox was also able to effectively enhance the sophistication of their user segmentation, by leveraging more data points to target more granular audiences. 

With this increased granularity, Sayburbox now plans to continue optimizing their customer segmentations by clearly identifying which segments return the best results.

Our user acquisition efforts have leveled up significantly after the implementation of the Audiences, customer experiences and deep linking suite,” said Adelia Ekaputri, Digital Media Specialist from Sayurbox. 

“With a more seamless, personalized, and branded orchestration of our user referral journey and a better understanding of our user segmentations, we’ve been able to boost the overall effectiveness of our campaigns while freeing up our team to channel their efforts towards more strategic initiatives.

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