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VSCO was launched in 2011 as a creative channel that builds tools, spaces, and connections driven by self-expression. 

The company’s mission is to help people fall in love with their own creativity. But the road to success was not a linear one, so the marketing team at VSCO concentrated on making creativity a habitual behavior by focusing on sustained, long-term engagement.


VSCO needed a solution that would further evolve its performance-driven marketing operation with data at its heart for both paid and owned media campaigns. 

With Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) as their North Star, the team needed to measure various in-app events that were key early indicators of a likely subscriber, such as starting a free trial. 

After a user started a free trial, the Lifecycle Marketing team took over to nurture the user towards a subscription. This kind of optimization by the UA team was mission critical to the Performance team’s ability to encourage users down the funnel. 

Without a deep linking solution that offered a last-touch attribution for paid media, VSCO looked to find a comprehensive attribution solution with a powerful deep linking solution built in. A solution that could serve as one source of truth for both owned and paid media performance, which could be easily integrated with their other key tech stack partners. 


Rising to the top of the list of potential attribution providers, Appsflyer demonstrated they were “all in” in supporting VSCO’s growth. 

With the help of the AppsFlyer Client Services Team, the team quickly deployed over 600 links with the OneLink customer experience and engagement suite, measuring performance across all owned media and social media campaigns, including last touch attribution. 

Working with Braze, their customer engagement platform and a leading customer engagement platform partner of AppsFlyer, VSCO could use OneLink campaign links and measurement to attribute all email and push notification campaigns. 

This ensured the team was looking at the same source of data across platforms to minimize reporting errors, and break down data silos, while maximizing time spent optimizing campaign performance.

“AppsFlyer has gone above and beyond to tailor their offering to create anywhere-to-app experiences and meet our quest to measure everything.”


Since January, VSCO has scaled up attributable performance marketing across 7 paid UA channels with down-funnel attribution, and gained the ability to use deep links across paid and owned channels. 

This helped the team beat CAC goals, and created a single source of truth instead of siloed deep linking and MMP solutions. 

With AppsFlyer attribution and OneLink customer experience suite they were able to see that their owned media campaigns – particularly web-to-app and referral-to-app – were a crucial and valuable component of their overall UA strategy.

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