Doubling in-app purchase conversion with smart, multi-channel user acquisition 

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5% to 10%

In-app purchase conversions up


month-over-month revenue growth

3% to 6%

Average click-through rate (CTR) up


  • As game developer Tee Studio shifted towards multi-channel user acquisition, they needed a comprehensive assessment of each channel performance to make informed campaign decisions.
  • However, they faced challenges in accurately attributing app installs to relevant channels, which in turn made it hard to allocate resources effectively across various channels.
  • Implementing AppsFlyer’s Measurement Suite provided Tee Studio with precise attribution, enabling them to allocate budget effectively while significantly increasing engagement and revenue. 


Tee Studio, an Android game developer established in 2019, has steadily built a presence in the competitive mobile gaming industry. The company consistently ranks in the Google Play top 100 in more than 10 countries, thanks to its commitment to creating engaging and innovative games. 

Tee Studio has a portfolio of four games, including the hugely popular “Bricks and Balls-Brick Crusher” and “Galaxia Invader: Alien Shooter”, which have amassed more than a million downloads. 


In early 2021, Tee Studio embarked on a mission to broaden its marketing reach across multiple channels, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Unity Ads and ironSource. With its target audience present in several countries — including the US, the UK, Germany, France, Canada, and Australia — Tee Studio would run user acquisition campaigns for a specific country, tailored to a specific audience. It also ran campaigns for a group of countries, as well as global campaigns. 

Naturally, accurate attribution across these channels became critically important for Tee Studio to understand where marketing spend was yielding most installs and revenue. Without detailed insights into cross-channel campaign performance, Tee Studio struggled to allocate budgets effectively, relying on educated guesses. This occasionally resulted in resources being diverted to underperforming channels.

Tee Studio recognized the benefits of working with a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP), but they were unhappy with the service from their current partner. There were two main problems: 

  • They weren’t getting accurate attribution data and ROAS estimations for each campaign and campaign city. This made it difficult for Tee Studio to adjust campaigns based on performance and to get a clear picture of expected ROAS, preventing them from scaling successful campaigns. 
  • They consistently faced requests from Google Play to manually update their attribution SDK. With each app version update, Tee Studio had to undergo the rigorous process of testing the attribution SDK to ensure seamless functionality. Getting this right was crucial, because any bug in the SDK could prevent users from seeing the ad, or disrupt ROAS calculations, resulting in inaccurate data for decision-making.

Seeking more accurate data to enable confident decision-making, and technical support to free up their time, Tee Studio came to AppsFlyer. 


Tee Studio used AppsFlyer’s Measurement Suite to gain a holistic view of their marketing performance across multiple channels. Knowing which channels yielded the best performance in terms of install rate, volume and cost per acquisition (CPA) meant the studio could allocate their marketing budget to the right channels. 

The AppsFlyer Measurement Suite also offered Tee Studio a deep dive into their users’ in-app ad engagements and purchases. This enabled them to calculate revenue and ROAS from in-app ads and purchases, so they could successfully scale the campaigns that contributed to business goals.

Moreover, once the AppsFlyer SDK was integrated into their app, Tee Studio no longer had to worry about warnings from Google Play over updated privacy policies, because AppsFlyer handled all the necessary SDK updates in the backend. This freed up Tee Studio’s testing team and enabled them to focus on optimizing and scaling campaigns.


The use of AppsFlyer’s measurement suite had a substantial impact on Tee Studio’s growth journey. The studio witnessed a remarkable increase in in-app purchases, from 5% to a solid 10%, which, in turn, boosted their month-on-month revenue by 25%. 

Their campaigns became more effective too, with the average click-through rate (CTR) doubling from 3% to 6%. Notably, their CPA dropped from $5 to a more efficient $3 – a substantial budget saving, thanks to an optimal channel mix.

We chose AppsFlyer over Adjust because we value impartial insights. An impartial attribution partner not only supports confident decision-making but also safeguards against potential financial losses. AppsFlyer perfectly aligns with our need for an independent and unbiased attribution partner

Tee Tran, Director, Tee Studio
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