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Webgames is one of the most popular web-based social gaming publishers from Eastern Europe with over 10 million active players spanning VK, OK, MM, and Facebook. 

In 2015, Webgames launched their first mobile title, Ghost Tales. Shortly after they chose to partner with AppsFlyer for their mobile attribution and marketing analytics needs and complemented this by choosing Mobupps as their agency of record.


Webgames wanted to acquire a high number of quality users in a short time to maximize their organic lift and improve app discoverability. 

However, budgets were tight, as for them, mobile was still an “investment” channel that hadn’t yet proven its ROI.

“Great performance requires three components: a great product to market, strong media reach and deep insights. AppsFlyer’s agency solutions gave us the real-time clarity we needed to make our impact.”


Webgames utilized a combination of Mobupp’s direct-publisher relationships to keep costs low, and AppsFlyer’s agency solutions to deliver the right insights at scale.

AppsFlyer’s agency solutions provided Mobupps with access to the attribution data they needed – installs, retention, and in-app-events, among other KPIs – to optimize each campaign in real-time. 

In turn, using AppsFlyer’s APIs, Mobupps automatically sent each publisher and sub-publisher the performance data they needed to optimize the media placed on their apps and sites, delivering thousands of micro-optimizations without needing to export and tabulate a single excel spreadsheet.

“AppsFlyer and Mobupps are a winning combination, delivering the optimal marketing insights to each publisher-partner, in real-time.”


This high volume-low cost, micro-optimization strategy lifted Webgames from a top 40 ranking in the Adventure Game category to a top 5 ranking (in key markets). The enhanced exposure resulted in an organic multiplier of over 50% against the thousands of daily installs they were attracting through paid media. 

Following this strong initial success, Webgames shifted to a sustainable, low burn, long-term campaign phase. This campaign aimed to a) maintain their Google Play rankings, b) lower CPI, and c) scale growth in new installs. 

In the following months, the team exceeded both their ranking and growth goals in their top 3 markets – the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

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