Driving growth through omnichannel (re)marketing: a hyperlocal retail chain’s success story

Wellness Forever Medicare Limited success story


increase in non-organic installs


increase in retargeting conversions


increase in re-engagement revenue


  • Wellness Forever’s growth goals required the marketing team to optimize their media mix, including owned media, and provide a seamless re-engagement experience for customers.
  • However, they struggled to measure and unify all campaign data in one place, limiting their ability to optimize campaigns.
  • AppsFlyer’s core attribution solution, together with its CX and deep linking suite, enabled Wellness Forever to adopt a data-driven approach that helped the team optimize their campaigns and double down on their retargeting efforts.


Wellness Forever, a drug retail chain and now medtech platform, is India’s third-largest retail pharmacy and wellness products chain by number of outlets. 

Operating a large omnichannel and hyperlocal retail network of 24/7 stores, Wellness Forever focuses on providing customers with a wide range of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, lifestyle, and wellness products. Its present catalog boasts over 100,000 products, including curative and preventive medicines. 

Founded in 2008 with a single store, Wellness Forever now operates over 350 stores across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, and Karnataka, giving it a leading market position in western India in terms of revenue. Since its establishment in 2008, with an annual turnover of ₹8 crore (nearly $1 million), the company has expanded significantly, achieving an annual revenue of almost ₹1000 crore ($133.3 million).


In early 2021, as Wellness Forever began to implement its growth and expansion plans, the chain encountered several challenges. 

Firstly, the Wellness Forever team didn’t have access to real-time insights into campaign performance across their paid and owned media channels, which limited their ability to quickly identify areas of improvement and optimize marketing campaigns for maximum return on investment (ROI). This meant the team was unable to quickly pivot and adjust their marketing strategies to improve overall performance.

The Wellness Forever team was also struggling to get a unified picture of cost data across different campaigns and channels. This was critical in order to accurately calculate top-line metrics such as ROI and ARPU (average revenue per user). Without this capability, the team would be unable to benchmark their mobile performance alongside website and offline store performance, making it difficult to optimize their marketing efforts.

Finally, Wellness Forever struggled with measuring its in-house campaigns and referral initiatives covering its 350+ stores, across multiple owned channels such as SMS, emails, store QR codes, and native push notifications. As a result, the team found it challenging to make informed decisions on owned channel marketing investments.


To address the challenge of real-time insights into campaign performance across multiple channels, the Wellness Forever team made use of AppsFlyer’s measurement suite. They used this to track and analyze key metrics, enabling them to identify effective marketing channels and campaigns and optimize their efforts. 

The Wellness Forever marketing team also worked with their internal data engineering team to pull the AppsFlyer attribution data through Push API into their internal business intelligence systems and build a one-of-a-kind omnichannel order management system. This allowed the team to generate necessary insights from metrics pertaining to post-install engagements, revenue, and ROI by media source and channel, enabling them to optimize their media mix on the go.

In addition, the Wellness Forever team implemented AppsFlyer’s premium cost aggregation solution (recently upgraded with revenue measurement capability and branded as ROI360). The team started aggregating and normalizing cost data, from all sources, platforms, and cost models, which gave them plenty of time and a clearer picture to focus on their campaign optimization efforts.

Finally, with AppsFlyer’s Customer Experience and Deep Linking Suite, Wellness Forever was able to create a seamless user experience across all of its owned channels — including SMS and push notifications — providing customers with an engaging and personalized experience, regardless of device or operating system. 

For example, Wellness Forever used the SMS channel to promote a new wellness product line and offer a discount coupon. On completing a purchase, customers received a follow-up SMS thanking them and offering an exclusive product discount, with a deep link generated using AppsFlyer’s OneLink deep linking technology. This link takes customers directly to the product page in the Wellness Forever app, while also allowing Wellness Forever to track and measure campaign performance across its owned channels for optimization purposes.

Thanks to AppsFlyer, our customers now receive a seamless and personalized experience across all channels, making it easier for them to engage with our brand. We’re proud to have found a partner who shares our commitment to customer satisfaction and we’re excited to continue working together to expand our reach through extensive remarketing efforts.

Haarshal Thakker, Omni Channel & Hyperlocal Business Head at Wellness Forever


After implementing AppsFlyer’s core attribution solution and its customer experience (CX) and deep linking suite, Wellness Forever saw the following significant improvements in campaign performance:

  • Non-organic installs: There was a 53% increase in non-organic installs, indicating a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the company’s marketing campaigns.
  • Retargeting conversions: Wellness Forever saw a 155% increase in retargeting conversions, indicating that campaigns were effectively reaching and engaging with their target audience.
  • Re-engagement revenue: There was a 100% increase in re-engagement revenue, indicating that the company was effectively re-engaging with dormant users and driving more revenue from its existing customer base.

At Wellness Forever, we’re always striving to improve our in-house campaigns and media mix to better serve our customers. Thanks to AppsFlyer, we were able to measure campaign performance accurately and optimize our media mix in real time, resulting in significant improvements in ROI.

Jinnal Gori, Digital Marketing Manager at Wellness Forever
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