App store optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization, or ASO, is a process of optimizing and improving an app’s visibility in an app store – it’s kind of like SEO, but for apps.

Improving your app store ranking and visibility

Each app store offers tips for ASO and tools (such as ads) to help improve a mobile app’s ranking and visibility.

Although the exact algorithm used by app stores is unknown, factors driving ASO mostly are. Ongoing optimization can boost your ranking and boost organic installs, and the more traffic your app store page receives – the more free installs you get.

Just like with web SEO, keywords and their right placement are vital to being easily discovered in the app stores, with other contributing factors including title, description, use of images and videos.

To help with your app store description, ask yourself how your users might describe your app and what they’re using it for, while including your competitive advantage.

Speaking of competitors, check out your competitors’ keywords. Can you compete or should you choose less popular keywords that are still uniquely descriptive of your app?

You can also improve your page metrics by running A/B testing, localizing your listing for different countries, and measuring every possible ASO KPI related to your app’s visibility.

Finally, pay attention to your competitors’ progress in the app stores and how they’re achieving their results.

Since the majority of app downloads are still organic, when you improve your ASO strategy, your brand visibility and business metrics can only benefit from it.

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