Click to install time (CTIT)

Click to install time, or CTIT for short, describes the interval of time between when user clicks on an ad and an app is opened. It’s a very handy metric to look at in detecting and preventing mobile ad fraud perpetrated by bad actors looking to fake last clicks.

What is it?

CTIT is a type of distribution modeling that is used in the detection of install hijacking and click flooding.

While install hijacking CTIT analyses typically looks for a volume of installs during the first 3-10 seconds after the click, click-flooding CTIT analysis looks for nearly flat distribution at scale between hours 2 and 24, as well as between days 2 and 7 after install.

Protect360 CTIT rate
Protect360 CTIT rate

Why is CTIT important?

A fundamental aspect of fraud identification and attribution fraud, CTIT is one of the first and key measurements to examine when analyzing potential fraud attempts on your traffic. 

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