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Take control of your first-party data and securely measure everything with attribution data you can trust

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Measure user activity across every channel, platform and device

Measure your users’ engagement, no matter how or where they interact with your brand. Connect the dots between your marketing properties to create a uniform user journey and engage users throughout the funnel.

Gain user insight through rich in-app events

Get critical insight into the full funnel, from first engagement to in-app activity, to discover which channels and media sources are delivering the most loyal users. With unlimited rich in-app events, you can truly measure everything.

Inapp events for health and fitness

Get a full view of all your revenue streams

AppsFlyer supports multiple models for app monetization, measuring cost and attribution data for in-app purchases, ad revenue, and subscriptions. Easily measure new subscriptions and subscription renewals, whether in-app or via web.

Re-engage dormant users with a full-featured retargeting suite

With advanced audience segmentation and retargeting analytics, you can connect with your users who haven’t been active without focusing on those that are. Boost app re-engagement by delivering the right message to the right user at the right time.

AppsFlyer retargeting health and fitness apps

AppsFlyer HIPAA compliance

HIPAA compliance (and beyond)

Providing the best service for you customers may require you to collect or measure highly sensitive personal information. AppsFlyer’s products are designed with privacy at their core, to help you and your business remain HIPAA compliant. Personal health information (PHI) is never shared directly through AppsFlyer, and sensitive in-app events can easily be hashed or encoded. AppsFlyer’s privacy measures are recognized by leading 3rd-party compliance programs, such as ISO, ePrivacy and TRUSTe.

Have full control over which data is shared, and with whom

With the industry’s most extensive partner permissions system, AppsFlyer lets you choose exactly which data is shared. If your app measures sensitive data, you can rest assured that it will only be provided to the integrations you choose.

AppsFlyer full control over data sharing
fraud prevention AppsFlyer for business and productivity apps

Don’t let fraudulent activity drain your marketing budget

Apps that rely on affiliate marketing as a key marketing channel are impacted heavily by fraud. This can cost your business valuable marketing dollars and be incredibly difficult to spot without the correct tools and safeguards. AppsFlyer’s advanced machine-learning technology stops fraud before, during and after it happens, helping to keep your budget safe.

AppsFlyer data streams

All your data, however you want it

Send all of your raw and aggregated data straight to your BI, or pull specific reports on demand. We recognize that every company handles data in a unique way. That’s why we provide customized dashboards and provide your teams with the flexibility they need to handle your data in your way.

AppsFlyer branded links

Maintain brand consistency

Your influencers are the face of your brand and have earned the recognition and the trust of your users. With branded deep links, stay true to your brand’s look and feel from click to seamless delivery.

LEO Innovation Lab reduces costs and optimizes campaigns with AppsFlyer

Learn how using a single platform to measure and attribute all sources of paid media gave LEO Innovation Lab full visibility and uncovered cost-saving opportunities.

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AppsFlyer guide for health and fitness apps

FREE GUIDE: Mobile Attribution and Marketing Analytics for Health & Fitness Apps

Dive into our advanced guide that covers key areas of mobile attribution, measurement, and marketing analytics for Health & Fitness apps. The guide walks you through all the steps for setting up user acquisition and re-engagement measurement, including:

  • Granular in-app event mapping
  • Advanced deep linking for personalization 
  • Cross-device customer journeys

And much more!

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AppsFlyer provides our team with accurate attribution data, giving us a holistic, de-duped view across our marketing activities. Our data driven decision making is made possible with AppsFlyer.

Tobi Pearce, CEO

As a health app, end-user privacy is our key concern. One of the many reasons we're so pleased with AppsFlyer is their unrelenting dedication to data privacy and security. We help over 6 million members worldwide take control of their health with key insights, tools and communities. Working with AppsFlyer has helped us focus and scale this goal, providing not only the tools but the secure infrastructure to do so safely.

Rustam Kurbanov, CMO

AppsFlyer helps us keep our finger on the pulse, as far as data goes. As veterans in the mobile health and fitness space, we understand how critical it is to have access to accurate attribution data at scale. AppsFlyer has enabled us to continue on our path towards immense growth, providing the tools we need to do so efficiently and quickly.

Luba Pashkovskaya, CEO