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Connected TV Trends, 2022-23

Connected TV Trends, 2022-23

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Common CTV terms, explained


A video-on-demand monetization strategy that enables users to get free access to on-demand content on the platform in exchange for watching ads.


The SVOD video monetization model gives subscribers unlimited access to on-demand video content through platforms in exchange for a small recurring fee.


On-demand video content from traditional broadcasters is called Broadcaster Video on Demand (BVOD), which includes high-quality, professionally-produced content available online and on-demand.


Video monetization strategy that charges usage-based fees. Instead of recurring subscription payments, the viewer pays a one-time fee to view, rent, or purchase content.


A revenue model where OTT providers charge viewers a premium price for exclusive early access to video content. It’s similar to traditional video-on-demand (VOD) — the difference is that it offers earlier access for a higher price.


An MVPD is a multichannel video programming distributor providing bundled TV channels for purchase to consumers through cable, fiber, or satellite.

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