App Store Optimization (ASO) hub

App Store Optimization (ASO) hub

Looking for a free way to get more installs? ASO is your power play. Read on for a lay of the (app store) land as well as actionable tips, tactics, and strategies into how you can get started improving your app’s visibility, reach, and conversion rate today.

The ultimate guide to ASO: Everything you need to know

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Anatomy of an app store listing

App title

The name of your app as it will appear in search results on iOS or Android.

App icon

An image or logo presented as a small badge that is the visual identity of your app on a user’s device.

Ratings and reviews

These are the one-to-five-star clusters and individual comments that users can leave under an app in the App Store or Google Play store.

App downloads

A numeric indicator of the total number of app downloads to date, per app store.

App screenshots

A gallery of professionally designed, custom images showcasing your app and main messaging for every type of device that your app supports.

App description

A section of text on an app store listing explaining what your app does and why people should download it.

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