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Unleash the power of app metrics to help you make smart, data-driven campaign decisions. Explore our comprehensive hub to cut through the jargon and discover the tools to measure, analyze, and optimize your app’s performance.

The essential KPIs for apps and how to track them

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Cost per….! (all of the cost per measurement terms broken down)

CPC (Cost per click)

Cost per click (CPC) is a term used in paid online advertising to demonstrate what an advertiser pays every time his/her ad receives a click.

CPA (Cost per action)

A type of pricing model where marketers pay ad networks or media sources for certain conversions (such as a purchase or registration) that happen inside of an app after engagement with an ad.

CPI (Cost per install)

A predetermined price that the advertiser agrees to pay the publisher every time a user installs their app as a direct result of an ad served by the publisher.

CPV (Cost per view)

A pricing model for video ads that only charges you when a user watches your video.

CPCV (Cost per completed view)

Ad pricing model that stands for cost per completed view, which is calculated by dividing advertising cost by completed video views

CPM (Cost per mille)

A marketing phrase used to indicate the cost of one thousand ad impressions on a web page. The “M” in CPM stands for “mille,” which is Latin for a thousand.

CPE (Cost per engagement)

An advertising pricing model in which advertisers pay whenever a user takes a specific desired action within the app.
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