Programmatic advertising hub

Programmatic advertising hub

Feeling a little lost in the high-tech world of programmatic advertising? Our hub has all the terms, tips, and guides you need to navigate this data-driven technology — empowering you to optimize placement and raise your ad game to new heights.

The ultimate guide to programmatic advertising

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The programmatic ecosystem


An app or brand that procures ad space from publishers and ad networks. Their primary objective is to effectively communicate targeted messages about their products or services to users.

DSP (Demand side platform)

A software platform that allows advertisers to manage data exchange accounts and multiple ad exchange accounts through one interface. DSPs are an effective marketing automation tool because they enable advertisers to efficiently buy high-quality impressions at scale.

Ad network

A platform that connect advertisers to publishers or websites: they take the collection of ad supplies from publishers and match it to advertisers’ demands, such as the number of impressions they want to achieve.

Ad exchange

A digital marketplace where ad inventory (online advertising space) is bought and sold. The sellers are publishers (app or website owners), and the buyers are advertisers looking to place their ads on mobile or web.

RTB (Real-time bidding)

In programmatic advertising, this is the process of employing demand-side platforms (DSPs) to bid automatically for ad impressions. The bidding happens in real time, with the highest bidder selected and the ad served in just a fraction of a second.

SSP (Supply-side platform)

This is a technology platform or software that manages a publisher’s ad inventory across multiple ad exchanges. SSPs are effective marketing tools because they automate and optimize the sales of a publisher’s media space, helping to fill it with ads and generate revenue.


A digital property owner that sells advertising space in its property (such as an app or a website) to a third party (an advertiser wanting to reach a specific audience with its message).

What is programmatic TV?

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