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Click To Install Time – CTIT

What is Click to Install Time (CTIT)?

Click to install time (CTIT) is a type of distribution modeling that is used in the detection of install hijacking and click flooding. Whereas install hijacking CTIT analyses typically looks for a glut of installs during the first 3-10 seconds following an install, click-flooding CTIT analyses looks for nearly flat distribution at scale between hours 2 and 24, as well as between days 2 and 7 after install.

Click Flooding in Protect360

Click Flooding

Nearly uniform distribution (flat lines) over a number of days indicates click flooding.


Install Hijacking in Protect360

Install Hijacking

Unreasonably short install times (under a few seconds) indicate install hijacking.


As a rule of thumb, 75% of installs typically occur during the first hour, and 94% of installs in the first 24 hours following a click. Strong deviances from these models indicated fraud.

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