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Install Hijacking

What is Install Hijacking?

Install hijacking is a class of mobile fraud that uses mobile malware to hijack attribution for an install. Install hijacking is a broad term which includes “click injection”, “referrer hijacking” and click hijacking. Both install hijacking and click flooding are real installs from real users where the attribution was compromised or hijacked. In contrast, fraud from bots, device farms and behavioral anomalies, usually represent fake installs.


How This Works?

Click injection is a type of install hijacking. In click injection, malware on devices identify when an install begins, and sends a false click reports during the install process. Like click hijacking, this malware is often hidden in apps that otherwise appear legitimate.


How install hijacking works


Why AppsFlyer:

Protect360 automatically blocks install hijacking, providing transparent reporting on blocked activity and savings from fraud. Additionally, Protect360 provides advanced marketers detailed reporting on their click hijacking exposure, as well as the ability to customize their install hijacking protection with Validation Rules.


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