The next generation of fraud protection

By Michel Hayet
next generation fraud protection

Fraud isn’t going anywhere, in fact, it is alive and well, evolving and becoming more sophisticated by the day.

Today, we’re proud to unveil the latest in our tireless battle against fraud, with brand new game-changing features and a fresh new look.

Post-attribution fraud protection

Contrary to some widely-held beliefs, 16% of app install fraud is simply impossible to stop in real-time.

The main reason for this is that some advanced fraud schemes cannot be identified based on individual actions of a script or bot, but only as patterns emerge at scale that contradict standard post-install user behavior.

In these instances, fraudulent behavior that is not identifiable as such on its own needs to be flagged retroactively by advanced algorithms once critical scale of data has been reached and aggregated. Once identified as fraud, any future installs with these attributes can be blocked in real time. 

AppsFlyer is the first attribution company to add this missing layer, introducing a post-attribution technology to itsProtect360 fraud protection suite that establishes a comprehensive solution designed to block all fraud that is missed in real time.

Post-attribution streamlines the reconciliation process, so that advertisers get a report that can be used for settling up with media partners based on fraudulent installs. AppsFlyer customers and partners can now view post-attribution reports and create custom post-attribution reports, enabling both advertisers and partners to analyze all fraud flagged by the technology – making it easier for customers to detect fraudulent activity before they pay their vendors, publishers and sub-publishers. 

post-attribution fraud protection
Protect360’s new Post-Attribution fraud protection

AppsFlyer’s new post-attribution reporting layer uncovers fraudulent activity that would, with other attribution providers, go undetected, and provides reporting tools to assist in reconciliation efforts – saving our customers millions of dollars every day.

New and improved anomaly Insights

Protect360 has a brand new user interface, with interactive charts and graphs to help you navigate your reports.

Head over to the Anomaly Insights dashboard to uncover unique insights and instantly reveal and compare fraudulent media sources, abnormal CTIT distributions and patterns.

Protect360's new Anomaly Insights
Protect360’s new Anomaly Insights

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