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ROI reporting & Facebook Ad Analytics Tool

AppsFlyer’s best-in-class full Facebook ROI reporting gives marketers real-time insight on the ROI of each Facebook campaign thanks to a deep integration with Facebook, rich Facebook ad analytics reporting and deep in-app engagement analytics. Industry-leading reporting on Facebook ad performance and analytics help app marketers make smarter, faster optimization decisions. 

To determine the ROI of each install and campaigns, AppsFlyer matches deep Facebook ad analytics (e.g. impressions, clicks, cost) with rich in-app revenue events (e.g. clicks, purchases) and attributed in-app ad revenue to determine the lifetime value of each install. By matching the user-level LTV with the ad cost data (pulled via AppsFlyer’s deep integration with Facebook), AppsFlyer provides timely ROI-based insights into your Facebook ad campaigns.

Optimizing Conversion of Facebook Advertisements

With AppsFlyer’s advanced Facebook integration, app marketers enjoy instant access to full campaign data including cost, impressions and clicks alongside post-install activity such as in-app purchases, ad revenue, sessions, ARPU and more—all in a centralized, easy-to-use dashboard. This information provides advertisers with the insight they need to optimize their app marketing campaigns based on their actual ROI to improve their bottom line.

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Why the AppsFlyer Ad Measurement Tool Is Right For You?

  • With AppsFlyer’s advanced Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) integration, app marketers enjoy instant access to campaign data from the one of the top media sources in mobile advertising.
  • With the AppsFlyer SDK, not only can app developers can not only better attribute installs on their Facebook app install campaigns, but easily sync their in-app events and custom in-app events to Facebook without needing to add the Facebook SDK.
  • As a Facebook MMP, AppsFlyer customers gain full access to their view-through and click-based attribution. Remember, only Facebook MMPs can offer accurate Facebook app campaign measurement.

Facebook Ad Analytics & Deep Linking Services

Deep linking services cannot accurately attribute or measure Facebook app marketing campaigns. In fact, according to Facebook “there are numerous limitation to relying on deep links for measurement and this approach is not recommended.” To explore this issue further, we sat down with Facebook to understand why they recommend against using deep linking for Facebook measurement. In summary, deep linking has the following limitations:

  • Deep links generate an incomplete attribution profile and cannot be deduped, leading to inaccurate or double attribution
  • Deep links can’t attribute Facebook installs based on ad views
  • Deep links can’t  measure Facebook interactions as part of the customer journey
  • Deep links can’t facilitate the use of Facebook optimization products for app ads
  • Deep links can’t measure based on custom attribution windows
  • Deep links can’t do cross-device measurement

In summary, deep links are a great way to optimize the user experience or understand the performance of non-paid media. However, they are an ineffective and accurate as an attribution solution for Facebook ad measurement.

AppsFlyer’s Best-In-Class Facebook ROI Reporting

AppsFlyer’s exclusive end-to-end reporting encompasses every data-point from impressions and clicks, through in-app activity, cost and ROI through a centralized, easy-to-use dashboard. Last but not least, the integration enables advertisers to easily trigger Custom Audiences and lookalike targeting campaigns by syncing both Facebook’s standard and custom in-app events straight to Facebook via our preconfigured integration.

AppsFlyer’s Facebook reporting provides advertisers with the insights needed to optimize their Facebook app marketing campaigns for increased ROI and overall effectiveness.