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Marketing Analytics

Measure ad spend and app engagement to uncover your true marketing ROI

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Overview Dashboard

Beautifully designed and meticulously defined, the Overview dashboard provides the trends and insights every mobile marketer needs to know. Understand where your installs come from, your campaign’s performance, your user retention and more.

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Cohort & Retention Reports

Dynamic cohort and retention reports provide insightful windows into your marketing performance and user retention. Powerful filters and diverse parameters allow you to slice and dice your data to reveal where your marketing excels as well as where there are opportunities for optimization.

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Mobile Reporting App – EXCLUSIVE

Monitor your marketing performance on-the-go with the AppsFlyer Mobile App. Real-time reporting and dynamic filters let you dive right into your data, even when you aren’t at your desk. See something interesting? Share it with your team, right from the app.

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Live Alerts

Stay in the know about the information that’s important to you, as soon as it becomes relevant. Ideal nights, weekends and the other 95% of your time when you aren’t actively looking at your primary reporting KPIs. 

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Custom Dashboards

Simple to use drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to build your own custom dashboards. Build a campaign-specific dashboard for daily UA campaign analysis, a cross-app high-level dashboard for your executives and more.

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Raw Data Reports

Every marketer is unique, and every team deserves the right to use their data any way they want to. That’s why we provide full raw data reports, available for download, via push API or via email, 24/7. Ideal for doing your own offline analysis, performance-based payments to ad networks, identifying potential fraud or even testing a hypothesis that just came to mind. It’s your data. Use it any way you want to.

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Pivot provides clear answers to marketers’ most complex questions. The simple drag and drop interface delivers unmatched speed and ease-of-use, as well as the ability to save, clone, edit and collaborate with peers. Marketers will no longer have to rely on complicated offline spreadsheets or wait for a data scientist to answer their marketing questions ever again.

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Data Locker

Get 24/7 access to all of your user-level mobile attribution and marketing data via a secure storage locker hosted on Amazon S3. Save yourself the hassle of real-time API maintenance and data processing. Ideal for data visualization tools.

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Push API and BI Support

Many large app marketers, brands and agencies prefer to manage their mobile attribution and app analytics data alongside their other marketing and engagement data via their in-house BI systems. Our Push API share all of the data we collect and every metric we create in real time, so you can use your data any way you want to.

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Best-in-Class Mobile Data

Impressions & Cost Reporting

Deep, preconfigured integrations with nearly every network and platform in the mobile marketing industry put your mobile data to work for you. Ad networks and media sources can send impression, click, and cost data (plus much more) straight to your AppsFlyer dashboard. View your performance from impressions through ROI in a single, powerful dashboard.

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Omni-Channel Measurement

Sync your AppsFlyer mobile analytics with your other data systems (e.g. your BI system or retail customer database) to measure the omnichannel impact of your mobile marketing. By connecting the dots, you’ll be able to accurately calculate the omni-channel LTV of your acquired app users and the real value generated by each media source.

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LTV Reporting

In-app revenue events, matched with app purchase and mobile subscription data are automatically attributed to the right campaign, so you can easily determine the lifetime value (LTV) of each user or partner. Retarget high-value users with relevant ads, push messages or emails to improve their value. Optimize your campaigns to attract high-quality users.

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ROI Reporting

Media sources report the cost of each campaign, so we can report your real CPI (cost per install) in your dashboard. We match your media costs with the revenue events driven by each install to determine your ROI, so you can optimize your campaigns based on their business impact, in real time.

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Rich In-App Events

Easily determine which users engage with your app, how they use your app, and what revenues they generate with unlimited rich in-app events. Sync this data over to ad networks to attract better users, or to retargeting providers or push messaging platforms to re-engage users and improve your retention.

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Ad Revenue Attribution

In-app advertising is a major revenue source for many mobile apps. AppsFlyer is the only attribution provider to measure and attribute in-app advertising revenues to specific marketing channels and campaigns, so you can optimize your campaigns based on their total mobile LTV.

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Uninstall Attribution

Uninstall attribution reports which users uninstalled your app, which media source they came from and when they uninstalled – across both Android and iOS. This is the ideal tool for improving your user acquisition channels, user engagement, push messaging, retargeting and user retention.

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