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DeviceRankTM - The Next Generation of Mobile Fraud Protection

Fraudsters and scammers have gotten far better at tricking advertisers into paying for installs. Typical install fraud models look impressive, but these models alone do not offer comprehensive protection. Install fraud models are notoriously slow to address new sources and types of install fraud, relying on sloppy mistakes by fraudsters rather than big-data, device-level insights.

DeviceRankTM takes a radically different approach. Rather than focusing on a particular set of naive app install data models, DeviceRankTM leverages a proprietary big data solution to exclude the devices that drive fraudulent activity, providing mobile marketers with the world’s most comprehensive install fraud protection. While the responsibility and liability for fraud rests with those who sell and perpetrate fraud, we are heavily invested in helping marketers identify and address this growing issue.

How it Works

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    Building DeviceRankTM: Big Data In Motion
    Every mobile interaction leaves a footprint. Over the past five years we have cataloged over 1.4 trillion mobile interactions, providing proprietary DeviceRankTM ratings for over 98% of the devices in the world. This data is stored in The Vault, our proprietary internal mobile engagement database, and grows daily as new mobile devices come online and new interactions are cataloged.
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    Device Ratings: Powered By Machine Learning
    DeviceRankTM ratings are based on an anonymized history of each and every recorded device interaction. DeviceRankTM ratings are based on over 20 points of metadata and scoring models including device details (e.g. OS and version number), historical fraud modeling scoring, IP address and geolocation, transactional data, verified transaction data and more. Our proprietary machine-learning system dynamically adapts each DeviceRankTM ratings with each new interaction, providing real-time insights and protection at unparalleled scale.
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    Applying DeviceRankTM Ratings
    DeviceRankTM ratings reflect the likelihood that each device is an authentic user (rated AAA) or a scammer (rated C). The DeviceRankTM engagement data of a fraudster or scammer looks very different from legitimate devices, providing definitive protection against known fraudsters and sending up warning signals when suspicious installs occur. All devices with a "C" DeviceRankTM rating are automatically excluded from AppsFlyer attribution before a single click, install or in-app event is sent. So you never have to pay for, or interact with bad data.

The DeviceRankTM Advantage

  • 3x to 12x Better Protection
    When benchmarked against industry standard solutions such as IP filtering and distribution modeling, DeviceRankTM delivers 3x to 12x better fraud protection. Cleaner data means better campaign optimization, stronger lookalike campaigns and more effective retargeting campaigns.
  • Real Savings
    DeviceRankTM blocks install fraud at its source, before a single click, install or engagement is attributed. Advertisers who use AppsFlyer attribution as a basis for CPI and CPA payments to ad networks will not pay for devices identified as fraud.
  • No Added Cost For Install-Fraud Protection
    Where other attribution platforms charge a premium for clean, install-fraud free data, DeviceRankTM install-fraud protection is included in all AppsFlyer pricing tiers. No one should ever have to pay for install fraud or adjust their monthly billing based on credits for fraud installs after the fact.
  • Unparalleled Speed
    DeviceRankTM is the fastest and most comprehensive mobile app install fraud solution in the world. Our universal DeviceRankTM ratings database automatically blocks install fraud at the source, from the second you start your first campaign. No learning or adaptation necessary.
  • First-Party Verification - ROI Protection
    Unlike other install-fraud solutions that leverage third-party databases or blacklists, DeviceRankTM is a proprietary solution built on our secure, first-party database. Available exclusively to AppsFlyer customers, we do not whitelabel or license any part of the DeviceRankTM technology.
  • 100% Privacy Compliant
    DeviceRankTM analyses are built on industry-standard data. These same signals and identifiers are already collected and analyzed by every attribution and analytics provider in the world. Now, they do even more.

Active Fraud Insights

Active Fraud Insights is a premium offering, providing serious marketers with deep insights into their fraudulent and suspicious activity. This offering has three components.

The Active Fraud Insights Report
provides an interactive dashboard where marketers can easily discover which media sources are driving fraudulent, suspicious or clean clicks, installs and in-app events. Easily determine which campaigns are most affected by fraud by sorting by percentage of total activity. Now that you know where you are facing fraud, simply look at the scale to determine the impact of this fraud.

Raw Data Reports
provide full reporting on all blocked clicks, installs and in-app events. Ideal for offline analysis and dispute resolution.

Expert Consultation
with one of our dedicated fraud analysts is also available. Take advantage of our deep experience, proprietary internal tools and deep industry relationships to solve your toughest fraud challenges.

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